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Green Disposal

Today’s marketplace of vehicles is comprised of an electric array of makes and models from various beleaguered manufacturers around the world. No matter where or how they are constructed, these vehicles will eventually reach the end of their useful lives.

The Greene Team

It’s just a coincidence that the family that owns G & R Auto Parts has an environmentally friendly name. Consider that very appropriate - since the Greene family was “going green” at their Oklahoma City, Okla. recycling yard even before it was fashionable.

ASA Board of Directors Installed

The Automotive Service Association (ASA) held its annual business meeting on March 6, 2014 at the Sheraton Overland Park near Kansas City, Kan. The event included an open meeting of the board of directors, a swearing-in ceremony of the new board and a reception for ASA members in attendance immediately following the meeting.

Locator UpFront


You have to be living under a rock to not notice all the changes that are being seen with mobile phones and digital connectivity. Smart phones and tablets are quickly becoming the vehicle of choice for many on the information highway.


People in the United States are on-the-go. They are not content to remain “plugged in” when using the Internet. Consumers with smart phones, and other mobile devices, use them, rather than PCs or laptops, to perform more than half of their Internet searches, according to the Pew Research Center (www.pewinternet.org).


Hiring and inspiring Generation Y is a challenge for most salvage yard managers. Often referred to as the Millennial Generation, this group is currently 15 - 30 years old and is known for social media-inspired narcissism and entitlement. Many “Gen Ys” are living in their mom’s basement, have serious credit card debt and are casual to a fault. These millennials are outspoken and they question everything. You may read these disparaging traits and wonder where the future of our industry is going, but I’m actually excited about hiring millennials into my work force.


PartsLocator.com Windows App Now Available

The blog post was all about adding a PartsLocator.com bookmark to your iPhone and / or iPad. Not wanting to make anyone feel left out, this blog is about adding a PartsLocator.com shortcut to your Internet Explorer and / or Windows Phone. Keep in mind you need to have Windows 8 to add the website shortcut, or Pin as Microsoft calls it, to your desktop or phone.


Add PartsLocator.com To Your Phone’s Home Screen

Add PartsLocator.com To Your Phone’s Home Screen

Did you know that your iPhone’s operating system allows you to bookmark websites to your home screen? Say you have a favorite website that you go to everyday, like, for example, www.partslocator.com. Instead of opening Safari and typing in the web address, you can simply bookmark it and keep on your phone’s home screen. If the website has a great bookmark icon, like, I don’t know, www.partslocator.com does, that makes the whole process even slicker.



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