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The Locator Magazine

Cold Weather Driving Hazards To Avoid

It’s November and whether you want to admit it or not, winter will soon be here. While icy and snow-packed roads get the most attention as temperatures drop, Farmers Insurance warns that drivers should also be on the lookout for less conventional but equally dangerous hazards.

ARA Outraged Over Ford Parts Video

The Automotive Recycling Association (ARA) is considering taking action against Ford Motor Company for its campaign against the use of recycled auto parts. Ford has released a video on its website, www.takeagoodlook.com, that implies using recycled auto parts in repairs could be dangerous. The video compares fixing a plane with recycled or “junkyard” parts, to the horror of its passengers, to fixing a vehicle with recycled parts. According to a letter written by ARA President Ricky Young, the association is outraged and plans to respond.

Mike Swift Is New ARA President

Professional automotive recycler Mike Swift of Swift’s Trails End Auto Recycling, in Des Moines, Iowa, gave his inaugural speech as President of the Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA) at the 72nd Annual ARA Convention & Exposition held October 7 - 10 in Charlotte, N.C. His tenure on the Executive Committee of the association, where he has served as Secretary, Second Vice President and First Vice President, continues in a leading role to help shape and guide the Association’s initiatives and directives.
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Locator UpFront

15 Minutes With Mike Swift

If there’s one thing that Mike Swift is passionate about, it’s auto recycling. Maybe it’s because he grew up in the business, watching his grandfather and working alongside his father. Or maybe it’s because he enjoys building a vibrant, state-of-the-art facility as he and his brother Steven Swift have done at Swift’s Trails End Auto Recycling in Des Moines, Iowa.


How would you go about selling your yard if you were to retire, or to sell for any reason?


Greg Weaver is finally back at home. Weaver grew up in Florida and lived there until 2009, when he moved north to help his father, Bill Weaver, grow All Metal Auto Recycling, a business they co-own in Danville, Va. The father-son team also co-owns Weaver Industrial Equipment, also located in Danville.
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Credit Card Shift Took Businesses By Surprise

Credit card companies gave businesses a deadline of Oct. 1, 2015 to become compatible with the new EMV “chip” cards. That was news to many small business owners, some of whom were unaware of the impending date. In the Autumn issue of UpFront, The Locator’s Erin Sandage took a look at the new technology and the requirements placed upon business owners.


Recycler’s Point of View – Bubba Kaiser

Recycler’s Point of View – Bubba Kaiser

“I’m real big on customer appreciation and communication whether they buy something or not. We have the office designed to be more customer-friendly, like the chain parts stores. It’s not the image of the junkyard. When you drive up you don’t see wrecked cars.” – Bubba Kaiser, Natchez Salvage & Parts


The Locator Partners With PowerNation

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