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Survey Highlights Small Employers Expectations, Willingness to Train Employees

Over two-thirds of small business employers found it more difficult recruiting and hiring candidates for the most-skilled position in the last two years than in the prior two years and consequently invest significant time and resources in training and improving the skills of their employees.

Bullitt Mustang Hero Car to be Auctioned at Kissimmee 2020

After more than 40 years spent so well hidden that most believed it had been destroyed, the hero car from the Warner Bros. movie “Bullitt” reemerged in January 2018 at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, and it’s now slated to cross the Mecum auction block at the world’s largest collector car auction this coming January in Kissimmee, Florida.

Top 5 Trend-Setting Vehicles

Every year the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) recognizes the most accessory-friendly vehicles during the annual trade-only SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. SEMA Show exhibitors, who make the products and accessories for today's popular models, vote to honor the vehicle platforms they believe are best for accessorizing.
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The Snyder family has taken a modest auto recycling business in Holland, Texas, and turned it into a family enterprise which includes Wrench-a-Part locations in Austin, Belton, Holland, Lubbock, and most recently, San Antonio. They also own Phoenix Auto Group, a used car business based in Belton. The original full-service yard, Snyder’s Certified Auto and Truck Parts, in Holland serves as the hub of the operation.


Ray’s Auto Parts in Amboy, Ind., recently won its second Indiana Clean Yard Gold Level award. Ray’s is also a thriving business that dismantles 700 cars a year and has eight buildings and 4,500 cars on 25 acres.


When Ice Rod Rita first sauntered across the salt flats of the Bonneville Speedway, onlookers weren’t clocking her time. They were admiring her lime-on-ice exterior, her Tiki wood siding, and her appropriately named “salt licker” blade. In other words, she was less hot rod and more ‘party waiting to happen.’


Ransomware is a malicious file-encrypting software designed to block access to a user’s systems until a ransom is paid, recently hit auto recyclers including Northlake Auto Recyclers. Marty Hollingshead offers a first-hand account of dealing with the attack.


Clean Water Environmental, a waste-management company based in Dayton, Ohio, has begun managing the destruction and recycling of the inflator portion of recalled airbag units.


Automotive recyclers are using drones to show expanded views of their businesses. Drones can provide stunning overhead views of salvage yards for marketing campaigns, social media posts, YouTube videos and websites. Owners can use drones to scan and map many acres at once, inventory vehicle locations, plan for construction or expansion and inspect perimeters and security systems.


Most salvage yards go through sales slumps tough economic times at some point. The price of scrap, availability of inventory, weather, holidays and demand for parts can all lead to downturns in business. Having a plan in place for dealing with both planned and unplanned slow seasons can not only help your business survive during tough times but thrive afterward. 
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Recycled Parts Buying Trends

The Locator's commitment to buyers and sellers of recycled parts has been the driving force for the company for more than 50 years. For the past several months, the data has shows a clear trend for purchasing smaller, easy-to-install parts. Headlights, tail lamps and side view mirrors have been popular among buyers. But buyers also continue to purchase the larger, more expensive parts including engines and transmissions.

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PartsLocator's new late-model parts search allows users to find the parts they need, purchase them and have them shipped directly. The site is user friendly and completely responsive so access from any device - desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device - is seamless.

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