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The Greene Team

It’s just a coincidence that the family that owns G & R Auto Parts has an environmentally friendly name. Consider that very appropriate - since the Greene family was “going green” at their Oklahoma City, Okla. recycling yard even before it was fashionable.

Green Disposal

Today’s marketplace of vehicles is comprised of an electric array of makes and models from various beleaguered manufacturers around the world. No matter where or how they are constructed, these vehicles will eventually reach the end of their useful lives.

Steck Introduces The Super Easy Wedge

Many of today’s new vehicles may require additional pressure and surface area to spread the force along the door when performing unlocks. New vehicles are being built with sturdier window frames that may require additional pressure when unlocking the vehicle. Larger vehicles have larger doors which also may require additional pressure when performing unlocks.

Locator UpFront

Quick Pay

Credit card companies could change the way you handle business transactions. Visa and MasterCard both made announcements in February 2014 that they are endorsing Host Card Emulation or HCE software technology. This will allow customers to purchase goods and services by waving their smartphones near a contactless reader, instead of handing over their credit card.

Double Time

You might think that two recycling yards located 40 minutes apart would be natural competitors. But when they work together as seamlessly as Buckeye Auto Parts and Lancaster Auto Recycling, there are synergies rather than rivalries.

Better Than Ever

Barb and Marcus Weyandt, the husband-and-wife team behind Ace Auto Parts in St. Paul, Minn., have lived through every auto recycler’s worst nightmare. On a January day in 2005, the company’s dismantlers returned to work after their morning break, not realizing a gas tank had been leaking while they were away. One worker ignited a torch, creating a fireball that quickly engulfed the entire dismantling shop.


PartsLocator.com Is Part Of The Growing Mobile Trend

A new study found that users spend more time on their smartphones than any other screen, including television.


PartsLocator.com Windows App Now Available

The blog post was all about adding a PartsLocator.com bookmark to your iPhone and / or iPad. Not wanting to make anyone feel left out, this blog is about adding a PartsLocator.com shortcut to your Internet Explorer and / or Windows Phone. Keep in mind you need to have Windows 8 to add the website shortcut, or Pin as Microsoft calls it, to your desktop or phone.



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