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Porsche Reprints Original Driver’s Manuals

Around 700 driver’s manuals are currently available from Porsche Classic, including editions in various languages and in some cases also for different model variants. The portfolio also includes more than 100 warranty and maintenance booklets. There are also vehicle servicing and care booklets/instructions as well as vehicle wallets that are true to the original. The documents are available from Porsche dealers worldwide.

Solera Creates Revolutionary Auto Research and Training Center

Solera Holdings, Inc.’s training center will showcase an innovative blend of both industry research and expert training. CESVI LIV NA will feature the latest repair and maintenance tools, equipment and processes for U.S. automotive and insurance industries.

ELV Project Proves Viable Market for Recycled Plastics from Autos

The ELV Project was designed to study the viability of collecting and recycling plastic car parts, including car bumpers, to eventually be broken down and used as materials to make new products. The results from the ELV Project indicate that there is technology and a market to recycle plastic from vehicles
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Locator UpFront


Businesses that handle five or more junk, salvage or total loss vehicles per year are required to report to the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System database. Auto Data Direct is your source for salvage vehicle reporting and so much more.


The Automotive Recyclers Association’s Peer to Peer Mentoring program aims to mentor those that are new to the industry, those that may be struggling, and those that simply want to become better. The goal was to improve our industry one recycler at a time.


Small businesses were a big contributor to current economic growth, and to the high U.S. consumer confidence, which reached a 17-year high in Nov. 2017. To take advantage of the favorable economic environment, consider these four moves to set your small business up for success.


No one has time to sort through complex messages, confusing web design or too many options in order to find what they need. Customers are looking for simplified experiences throughout the buyer’s journey. The business that can deliver their solution with clear messages and a simple pricing and packaging model will win the customer.


Hollander’s new app, WheelSpotter quickly identifies a wheel’s Hollander Interchange number to determine whether that wheel should be sold to a scrapper or a remanufacturer.


Break-ins, vandalism and thefts – both internal and external – are all concerns for salvage yard owners. Solid Security offers tips to keep your business secure.


Northwest Auto Parts, based in Anchorage, Alaska, faces unique challenges, often working in the dark or extreme weather to pull parts, and relying on barges and planes to get parts to distant destinations.
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Recycled Parts Buying Trends

The Locator's commitment to buyers and sellers of recycled parts has been the driving force for the company for more than 50 years. For the past several months, the data has shows a clear trend for purchasing smaller, easy-to-install parts. Headlights, tail lamps and side view mirrors have been popular among buyers. But buyers also continue to purchase the larger, more expensive parts including engines and transmissions.

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Most Popular Parts Searches

PartsLocator's new late-model parts search allows users to find the parts they need, purchase them and have them shipped directly. The site is user friendly and completely responsive so access from any device - desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device - is seamless.

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