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As a consultant to a family auto recycling business, Dimitri Gerontis was unable to find comprehensive software that addressed needs of the self-service facility. Gerontis knew there had to be a better way.

"We decided to build our own," Gerontis stated. "I suggested that we design the software and provide them with the product. Working with computer programmers, we developed a yard management system that is specifically designed for self-service yards. It's not an off-the-shelf product, like restaurant software that's been altered to try to fit the needs of auto recycling."

Consultant Start

Gerontis, with a background in business management and marketing, got his start in auto recycling while consulting for Tear A Part, LLC (TearAPart.com) in Salt Lake City, Utah. Tear A Part was just getting off the ground as a self-service facility in 2002 when owner Bill Mantas was diagnosed with cancer. Gerontis, a family-friend, came on board to help out.

"I helped build the yard from the ground up, which gave me an inside view into the industry," he explained.

Gerontis continued on with Tear A Part after Bill died. Once the software was developed for the company, he recognized that it would be useful for other self-service facilities as well. Gerontis took on some partners and started S3 Software Solutions LLC.

CRUSH Package

The company's CRUSH software package incorporates components tailored to a typical self-service facility. This includes a point-of-sale system, a fast cash register and the ability to track a vehicle through the facility via a VIN handheld scanning device.

It also has an inventory management system that aids in purchasing vehicles by bid or by weight. The system can also automatically upload inventory to a company's web site. There is a customer service gate module that can tell users what is in the facility and where it is. There are accounts receivables for cores and commodities that ship out on the processing end. There are management reports that track trends, sales, averages and forecast future numbers.

"We also help recyclers with NMVTIS submissions," said Gerontis. "We're certified to upload information in batches, which can save the recycler thousands of dollars."

Cash Dispenser

The software package also eliminates the need to have cash on hand. The system includes a cash dispenser similar to an ATM where the owner loads the machine with an armored service. Cash can be retrieved through a secure, password protected process, as needed.

While the CRUSH software is not the only program for auto recyclers, Gerontis believes it is the first one truly focused on self-service-style facilities.

"I don't know of another competitor that has the diversity in support and knowledge that we offer. I found that many recyclers have to use three different systems to manage their business," Gerontis added. "With CRUSH, it's comprehensive. You don't have to fragment your business."

His team will also customize the package. "Because we're a custom software designer," he explained, "we allow our clients to customize features to fit their business model. If it's a suggestion that we feel benefits the software in general, we'll make the change and incur the cost."

The product will work in any English-speaking country, according to Gerontis.

"We are targeting the United States and Canada primarily, using a marketing plan that prominently features the company web site."

Owners: Dimitri Gerontis & Partners
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
Years In Business: 2
URL: S3SoftwareSolutions.com

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