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About four years ago, Eagle International, LLC started shipping its tire products internationally with frequency - a trait that would mean not only an eventual increase in overall sales, but an increase in the company's physical size as well.

Attracting a large quantity of international customers, mainly due to its web site, has prompted the company's management to build a larger sales office nearby.

"We've got customers in Australia, Brazil, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Peru, Puerto Rico, Russia, Virgin Islands, etc.," said vice president Julie Prochello. "With all the interest we've been getting from around the world, it's hard to bring them all to this small building."

More Space

Eagle International's sales team will soon be moving to Dakota Dunes, S.D., where its new office will be 1,500 square feet larger than its current 500-square-foot office in South Sioux City, Neb. That will make it easier for the company to host its international customers - which it regularly houses at area hotels as a customer courtesy - so they can witness firsthand how the equipment works.

The original office in South Sioux City will remain open for research and development purposes.

Eagle International is a provider for tire recycling equipment, known for its six different sizes of tire cutters that can handle any size of tire on the market today. It makes all of its products at a factory in Lyons, Neb.

Prochello said Eagle International (Eagle-Equipment.com) also boosts international sales by conducting on-site training overseas. Recently, Prochello instructed users in Barcelona, Spain and Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Uses For Auto Recyclers

Depending on state regulations, Eagle International's products can be a vital resource for auto recyclers. In some states, auto recyclers have to separate the tire from the steel when they dismantle a vehicle.

"Auto recyclers will mostly use our first three sizes of tire cutters," said Prochello. "Our de-rimmers are also huge for them; when they break down a vehicle, they separate the tire from the vehicle. With a de-rimmer, they can also separate the tire from the steel, and sell them separately."

Prochello's father, Les Pederson, opened Eagle International in 1991 with the Eagle Tuf-Cut line of tire cutters. The business has since expanded its product line to include tire balers, de-beaders, de-rimmers, hoppers and sidewall cutters. Currently, four employees work in the sales office and 20 employees work in the factory. Prochello said both departments will expand with the addition of the larger sales office.

Because Eagle International's product line is versatile, it has customers from a wide variety of business industries. Prochello noted the U.S. Army recently bought an Eagle Tuf-Cut to cut up flak jackets and helmets at the Aberdeen Proving Ground base in Aberdeen, Md.

The company has a new product on the market virtually every year as well. A tire cutter that cuts the entire sidewall out of Off The Road (OTR) tires is the current project in development, added Prochello.

Due to the quality of its equipment and the reputation Eagle International has as a trendsetter in the tire-recycling field, Prochello believes the business will continue to grow.

"When you're dealing with a tire, you better have a tough piece of equipment," she added. "In this day and age, people are going to get online to look for what they need. If they're looking for a tire cutter, our name is going to come up."

Owners: Les Pederson
Location: S Sioux City, Neb.
Years In Business: 20
Number Of Employees: 24
URL: Eagle-Equipment.com

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