To Scrap Or Not? iScrap Prioritizes Auto Parts

There are all types of scrap: ferrous, nonferrous, electronic, high end and, of course, auto or salvage scrap. IScrap App, Inc., based in Rockaway, N.J. and maker of the iScrap App for mobile devices, released tips on the most common, and profitable, scrapped auto parts. These parts are in order of the average scrap value from lowest to highest (per pound).

Whole Cars - Many scrap yards and auto wreckers will come by to pick up your car for scrap. If you are able to drive the vehicle to one of the locations and drop it off, it may save the trucking costs.

AL Engine Blocks - Many scrappers may come across an engine block that has no life left so it must be scrapped. The engine blocks usually consist of aluminum with steel running throughout it.

Lead Wheel Weights - On the inside of wheels of vehicle there is usually a piece of lead a few inches long that helps balance out your car while driving. They will usually go for a little less than a base lead price at most scrap yards because of the steel clips attached to them.

Car Batteries - Car batteries should always be recycled properly. They can be scrapped at most scrap yards. They are easy to remove when installing a new one and due to their heavy weight you can get a good handful of cash when scrapping these.

Starters / Alternators - Not very common items to come across while scrapping, but if you are scrapping vehicles, these items will add up quickly. Consisting of mostly copper, starters and alternators should be separated before going to the scrap yards or salvage yard.

AL Rims - Aluminum rims are going to be worth a higher aluminum price when scrapping these. They are common on most cars and can be around 25 pounds each. Make sure to ask your scrap yard how to dispose of the tires the right way.

Catalytic Converters - They are the highest paying single scrap item on a car. Catalytic converters are worth a good deal of money due to the platinum, rhodium, or palladium inside of them. See the next page for more information on catalytic converter recycling.

Not all scrap yards will accept auto scrap, so check with them before you head into their facility. The iScrap App locates scrap yards within 100 miles of a U.S. or Canadian user. Read the original blog here:

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