Green Parts

Consumers Want It. You Can Give It To Them.

Auto recyclers have been collaborating and working together more diligently in recent years in an effort to highlight and promote the reasons Why “green recycled parts” should be a sought after option for a vehicles repair. We spread that message in trade publications and in industry forums and conventions.

Going forward, auto recyclers are taking our message to the next level. We will work with our key customers to help promote our products and services, and create a win-win for our customers and yours.

Riding the green wave makes sense from environmental and business perspectives. There is a certain group of customers that actively seek out and demand greener choices when they look for products and services. By offering these consumers an environmentally conscious, less expensive alternative to new OEM parts, you will be opening up new market opportunities.

What auto recyclers have set in motion for our trade customer is something akin to a point of sale promotion. Taking the lead from our association, the Ontario Automotive Recyclers Association (OARA), and under the guidance of John Couper of Couper Marketing Solutions, we have designed and created materials for Ontario repairers to show consumers that their shop promotes greener choices.

We show consumers this attractive option from both environmental and cost saving perspectives. Consumers who establish a level of trust with a business are far more likely to buy from that business.

A recent study by a national repair chain showed that trust and price are key factors driving business with auto repairers. Some shocking statistics:

45 percent of customers are motivated by fear (not understanding what they’re buying, being overcharged or sold something they don’t really need).
Another 15 percent were strictly price shoppers.
Only 40 percent said they were just looking for a quality job done right.

“Those figures weigh heavily in favor of at least offering their customers the option of having their vehicle repaired using green recycled parts,” said John Couper. “What better way to build a relationship of trust and loyalty than to offer people the choice of a more economical way to repair their vehicle?”

This culminates in greater business volume, in that these options are more economically feasible for many customers. “Green parts will help assist shops in closing more deals and repair more vehicles, whereas new OEM parts may either be un-affordable or just don’t make sense given the age or condition of a particular vehicle,” added Couper. “At roughly half the cost of OEM parts, recycled parts can suddenly turn a no-go into a viable repair. Again, it’s a win-win situation for the customer and the repairer.”

Auto recyclers have embraced these strategies and are investing significantly to increase awareness and demand for green recycled parts. In Ontario, each repair facility can be provided with display materials, including point of purchase posters, and countertop brochure holders with consumer-oriented brochures.

The concept is to make it easy for consumers to be able to purchase green parts through their chosen repair facility, and shops can boast about access of parts that they have available to them at discount prices. Repair facilities that can promote themselves effectively as being a one-stop shop for quality repair will be the real winners.

Auto recyclers have recognized that we need to work more closely with our customers so we can both realize an increase in our products and services.

David Gold is the co-owner of Standard Auto Wreckers, an auto recycling facility with locations in Toronto, Ottawa, Ontario and Niagara Falls, N.Y. He is the founding member of a Charity Car Program that covers North America ( and and the leader of North America’s largest harmonized end-of-life vehicle solutions company, He can be reached at or visit

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