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Benefits of Used Parts

Milton Salvage Yard Explains The Benefits of Closed-Loop Recycling

As the automotive industry continues to grow and thrive, auto recyclers and manufacturers are turning their attention to improving the closed-loop recycling efforts in the United States.
2020.02.19 03:06 PM

California's Underground Economy of Unlicensed Auto Dismantling Surging

The size of the underground economy of unlicensed auto dismantlers has likely surpassed the number of licensed dismantlers that operate lawfully in the State of California, creating unfair competition andcosting legitimate licensed small business owners over $1.5 billion a year in potential earnings.
2020.02.19 03:06 PM


The Snyder family has taken a modest auto recycling business in Holland, Texas, and turned it into a family enterprise which includes Wrench-a-Part locations in Austin, Belton, Holland, Lubbock, and most recently, San Antonio. They also own Phoenix Auto Group, a used car business based in Belton. The original full-service yard, Snyder’s Certified Auto and Truck Parts, in Holland serves as the hub of the operation.
2019.09.24 08:45 AM


When Ice Rod Rita first sauntered across the salt flats of the Bonneville Speedway, onlookers weren’t clocking her time. They were admiring her lime-on-ice exterior, her Tiki wood siding, and her appropriately named “salt licker” blade. In other words, she was less hot rod and more ‘party waiting to happen.’
2019.09.24 08:45 AM

ARA Peer-to-Peer Mentoring Program

ARA’s new leadership program looks to connect seasoned veterans with the industry’s young talent to create a solid future. 
2018.12.27 08:46 AM

Save Money. Buy Used Auto Parts

Professional repairers, do-it-yourselfers or just the average vehicle owner will all have to repair their vehicles at some point. Using recycling auto parts for these repairs makes economic sense, with the added benefit of saving the planet.
2018.04.10 07:35 AM


Auto recyclers have always known that their businesses help the environment. Now a scientific study has proven it.
2018.01.03 09:59 AM

New Part Search at PartsLocator.com

The online parts search at PartsLocator.com just got an upgrade. Now, the search features a simple and straightforward design and e-commerce capabilities. The Locator’s new parts search is powered by PartCycle.com; that means it has access to the nearly two million parts PartCycle.com has in its inventory.
2017.07.07 02:29 PM


Mark Duncan took the plunge into four-wheeling back in 1987, building his first jeep and heading out on an adventure like he’d never experienced before. It was a pivotal moment for Mark, who until then had just been selling Jeep parts. He finally understood what the fuss was all about. Now as president of J & W Auto Wreckers, Inc. in Antelope, Calif., he’s sharing his passion for Jeeps with his sons, Neil and Spencer, the third generation in this family business.
2017.06.29 02:33 PM

Top Parts Searched At PartsLocator.com

Are you buying recycled auto parts? Using recycled auto parts saves both money and resources. Many recycled auto parts, like engines, are typically 50 percent less than new OEM parts and as a repair alternative, fewer resources are used to manufacture new parts. The auto recyclers featured in the PartsLocator.com’s Part Search stock quality, graded recycled auto parts.
2016.09.12 05:07 AM

Colorado Auto & Parts Featured On Jay Leno’s Garage

Colorado Auto & Parts’ Plymouth Air Radial Truck, or P.A.R.T., was recently featured on Jay Leno’s Garage, www.nbc.com/jay-lenos-garage, a web-based show featuring the former Tonight Show host.
2016.09.12 04:49 AM

Meet PartCycle

For over two years we’ve been interviewing professional recyclers, dismantlers, remanufacturers, software providers, professional mechanics, insurance claims adjustors and consumers to help us shape the future of buying and selling recycled and remanufactured auto parts. Today, we are incredibly excited to announce the launch of the PartCycle Marketplace (www.partcycle.com).
2016.06.28 10:42 AM


Auto recyclers in Ontario, Canada have reached a milestone that has been years in the making. As of March 31, 2016, failure to depollute a vehicle before it is crushed is illegal.
2016.06.28 10:42 AM

Classic Parts Locator

The classic vehicle restoration marketplace is the biggest it has ever been. According to Money.CNN.com, auction sales of collector cars passed $1 billion in 2013. Owners are also spending big money to restore and / or upkeep their vehicles. SecondChanceGarage.com stated owners spend nearly $1.9 billion a year on classic vehicle restorations.
2016.06.28 10:42 AM

One Awesome Machine

The best ideas seem to just happen. Like, who would have planned to pair an automobile and an airplane and build something completely different? Gary Corns, of Colorado Auto & Parts in Englewood, Colo., that’s who. The thought came to him while he was digging through a local airplane salvage yard for a completely different project - customizing the company’s 1956 Ford Vanette. The van, used as a rolling billboard for the company, has a tricked out interior that looks like an airplane interior.
2016.06.06 07:40 AM

Plant A Tree For Earth Day

The organizers from the Earth Day Network (www.earthday.org) announced the theme for Earth Day 2016 is Trees For The Earth. The goal is to plant 7.8 billion trees, one tree for every person on the planet, by its 50th anniversary - which is in five years.
2016.03.04 06:21 AM

Using Recycled Parts Is Not A Crime!

To state that a recycled auto part is essentially an aftermarket part is to not understand the industry whatsoever. A West Virginia judge agreed, dismissing a 2011 lawsuit that was based on the fact that recycled auto parts are the same as aftermarket parts, according to the Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA).
2015.02.05 06:57 AM


Green parts marketing. International vehicle-processing standards. Worldwide definitions for "auto recycler." End-Of-Life Vehicles (ELVs). The benefits of product reuse. These were some of the major topics discussed at the 2010 International Roundtable on Auto Recycling (IRT).
2013.11.25 12:24 PM

Save Money, Time & The Environment

The Locator Magazine has helped auto recyclers sell used auto and truck parts since 1957. The Locator believes in this industry - which generates $22 billion in sales per year, according to the Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA) - and is a strong proponent of the use of recycled auto parts in as many collision and mechanical repairs as possible. It’s an easy decision to make. Recycled auto parts save money, time and are an environmentally-sound purchase.
2013.10.07 01:41 PM

Tips For Buying Used Classic Parts

Auto recycling facilities that specialize in classics can really be a treasure trove for restorers. Many of these yards have thousands of classic vehicles onsite and are always out buying up more. One auto recycling facility out of thousands in the United States may have the exact car you’re restoring, guaranteeing a supply of parts. But the key is to find your diamond in the rough, which can be a challenge.
2013.07.08 02:01 PM

Associations Help Produce Quality Recyclers

You may have noticed how your local auto recyclers display their industry association memberships at their businesses; for example membership logos for the Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA) and / or Iowa Automotive Recyclers (IAR). Many members have also achieved certifications earned through these associations; like ARA’s Certified Auto Recyclers (CAR) and Gold Seal programs and IAR’s Certified Automotive Recyclers Environmental program (I-CARE), which are also proudly displayed. That’s because association memberships and certifications set high standards that these auto recyclers have achieved, which help propel their businesses up and beyond the competition.
2013.05.03 12:05 PM

Automakers Celebrate Recycling Programs

It’s not just auto recyclers that tout the benefits of reduce, reuse, recycle … auto manufactures also understand the benefits of using recycled parts and recycling materials for their vehicles.
2013.04.09 07:34 AM

Feedback: CSI Reports Empower The Recycling Industry

The auto recycling business is transforming itself to better serve the collision repair industry and we are doing it with your help. Every quarter, each Gold Seal auto recycler submits a list of its top 75 customers for an independent survey by Customer Research Inc.
2013.01.07 07:48 AM

Hollander Helps eBay Customers Buy Used Parts

Today’s consumers are increasingly careful with how they spend their money and how their purchases affect the environment. Using recycled auto parts to fix your vehicle, instead of buying new parts, doesn’t just make sense economically but it makes sense also in doing your part as a consumer to protect the environment.
2012.10.10 08:59 AM

Price Comparison: Used Vs. New

Numerous benefits are gained when consumers buy used parts. Recycling auto and truck parts saves the natural resources and energy, i.e. manufacturing steel, used to produce new parts. Costs are reduced when insurance companies choose used parts for repairs. Insurance companies save once on the price of the part, and again when fewer total vehicles are paid out. But, perhaps the biggest advantage to buying used parts, at least the one you can instantly see, is the price of used parts compared to new.
2012.10.10 07:52 AM

Recycled Parts Installation

As an ASE certified master technician and CEO of CarInspector.US, Inc., each and every day I review mechanical claims for auto recyclers and extended warranty companies. In reviewing those claims, it is clear that there are several issues which cause mechanical parts failures that can easily be avoided.
2012.09.26 12:31 PM
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