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Modern Auto Recyclers

Milton Salvage Yard Explains The Benefits of Closed-Loop Recycling

As the automotive industry continues to grow and thrive, auto recyclers and manufacturers are turning their attention to improving the closed-loop recycling efforts in the United States.
2020.02.19 03:06 PM


Craig and Corrina Huffman had their eye on Claude Holt’s collection of classic cars ever since they made their life-changing move from Eureka, California to Fayetteville, Tennessee. They were overjoyed when Holt agreed to sell the classic Fords and Chevys to Boneyard Auto & Salvage.
2019.12.23 06:52 AM


Neil Harrow is proving innovation and auto recycling go together with his state-of-the-art Florida facility, GreenStar Auto Recyclers. Named for its environmentally-friendly focus, GreenStar started as a boutique operation on 2.5 acres that could be run with less than 15 employees.
2019.12.23 06:52 AM


Larae and Dereck Van Der Brink spend most days juggling multiple responsibilities. Between running Lems Auto Recyclers in Doon, Iowa and raising two children who are involved in sports and other activities, the schedule always seems packed.
2019.12.23 06:51 AM

15 Minutes With Chad Counselman

Chad Counselman has filled many roles: Husband of 21 years to Rachel, father of 18-year-old Emily, missions pastor of his church, and co-owner of Counselman Automotive Recycling in Mobile, Alabama. This past October, he stepped into yet another role: President of the Automotive Recycling Association.
2019.12.23 06:51 AM

Chad Counselman Becomes President of the Automotive Recyclers Association

Professional automotive recycler Chad Counselman, Counselman Automotive Recycling in Mobile, Alabama, was welcomed as the new President of the Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA) at the organization’s 76th Annual Convention and Exposition in Charlotte, North Carolina.
2019.11.08 01:13 PM


The Snyder family has taken a modest auto recycling business in Holland, Texas, and turned it into a family enterprise which includes Wrench-a-Part locations in Austin, Belton, Holland, Lubbock, and most recently, San Antonio. They also own Phoenix Auto Group, a used car business based in Belton. The original full-service yard, Snyder’s Certified Auto and Truck Parts, in Holland serves as the hub of the operation.
2019.09.24 08:45 AM


Ray’s Auto Parts in Amboy, Ind., recently won its second Indiana Clean Yard Gold Level award. Ray’s is also a thriving business that dismantles 700 cars a year and has eight buildings and 4,500 cars on 25 acres.
2019.09.24 08:45 AM


When Ice Rod Rita first sauntered across the salt flats of the Bonneville Speedway, onlookers weren’t clocking her time. They were admiring her lime-on-ice exterior, her Tiki wood siding, and her appropriately named “salt licker” blade. In other words, she was less hot rod and more ‘party waiting to happen.’
2019.09.24 08:45 AM

Fenix Parts to Acquire Cox Truck and Van

Fenix Parts is set to acquire the assets of Cox Truck and Van, Inc. Cox operates a full-service auto recycling facility in Gainesville, GA and both full-service and self-service facilities in Moultrie, GA.
2019.08.02 01:01 PM


Northwest Auto Parts, based in Anchorage, Alaska, faces unique challenges, often working in the dark or extreme weather to pull parts, and relying on barges and planes to get parts to distant destinations.
2019.06.20 01:12 PM


As the Denton brothers’ reputation grew as a quality recycler in Knoxville, Tenn., the team started expanding their staff and looking for opportunities in the nearby markets on Nashville and Birmingham.
2019.06.20 01:12 PM


Jason Overturf from A-1 Auto Recyclers in Kirtland, New Mexico, has built a strong web presence with his company’s web site and social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
2019.03.20 04:44 PM

15 Minutes With ARA Executive Director Sandy Blalock

Sandy Blalock has been a longtime advocate for the automotive recycling industry. In her new role as executive director with ARA, Blalock answers key questions on the future of the association and the salvage industry.
2019.03.20 04:44 PM


Small businesses are more likely to give back to their communities that their larger counterparts. This holds true for mom-and-pop auto recyclers like Brunswick Auto Recycling, Chuckran Auto Parts, M.L. Norwood Auto Recycling, L&M Salvage, U.S. Auto and Shipman Auto.
2019.03.20 04:44 PM

15 Minutes With ARA President Jonathan Morrow

Jonathan Morrow may be the youngest ARA president ever, but he’s packed a lot of experience in his 35 years and is ready to lead.
2019.01.03 10:13 AM

Hi-Tech & Hi-Touch: NationWide Takes New Spin on Recycling

NationWide’s New Spin On Recycling - With more than 12,000 Instagram followers, Mostafa Azatullah offers some of his keys to his success along with his take on the future of auto recycling.
2018.12.27 08:46 AM

Texas Yard Wins $500,000 In Land Dispute

An eminent domain land dispute created headaches for a Texas salvage yard and its customers. Harold Anderson fought back and won.
2018.12.27 08:46 AM

Lew’s Auto: A Driving Force in Recycling

Lisa Street is helping prepare the state of Virginia and her family’s business, Lew's Auto Service & Salvage, for the next generation of auto recycling.
2018.12.27 08:46 AM

ARA Peer-to-Peer Mentoring Program

ARA’s new leadership program looks to connect seasoned veterans with the industry’s young talent to create a solid future. 
2018.12.27 08:46 AM

Marty Hollingshead Joins ARA Executive Committee

Marty Hollingshead is the newest ARA Executive Committee Member. The president of Northlake Auto Recyclers in Hammond, Ind. is association’s nominee for ARA secretary for 2018 - 2019.
2018.10.05 07:38 AM

B & R Auto Wrecking Switching To CCC Pinnacle

B&R Auto Wrecking is the largest family-owned auto recycler in the United States with more than 17 locations. The salvage yard is making the switch to CCC Pinnacle.
2018.10.05 07:38 AM

Extreme Makeover: Nordstrom’s “Next Generation”

There’s excitement in the air these days at Nordstrom’s Automotive, Inc. in Garretson, S.D. The nearly 50-year-old auto recycling business recently unveiled a multimillion dollar facelift five years in the making and the results are - in a word - life-changing.
2018.09.24 01:36 PM

Storm Survivors: Hawkins Used Parts Rebuilds After Tornado

After an EF3 tornado ripped through Hawkins Used Auto Parts in Mayfield, Ky., the team brushed themselves off and got right back to work.
2018.09.24 01:36 PM

15 Minutes With ARA President Jonathan Morrow

Jonathan Morrow may be the youngest ARA president ever, but he’s packed a lot of experience in his 35 years and is ready to lead.
2018.09.24 01:36 PM

Action Auto Parts Reopens After Tornado Damage

On July 19, 2018 a tornado ripped through Marshalltown, Iowa, destroying homes and businesses in its path, including Action Auto Parts. The Iowa Automotive Recyclers (IAR) association shared news from Action Auto Parts Owner David Hesmer that he is working with what he has to continue to keep the doors open.
2018.08.02 09:22 AM

A Family Legacy

When the local high school needs a car as a prop for their school musical, they go to Erie Auto Salvage. When the local fire department needs a car to practice on, they head to Erie Auto. And when customers all over want a friendly face and a warm reception, they, too, turn to Erie Auto. This Colorado yard is known for its friendliness, community spirit and, importantly, having the right part.
2018.06.14 04:56 PM

Harper's Salvage

It was a picturesque lake and plenty of family memories that sold Jody and Zara Harper on Wisconsin Dells, Wis. Not only did they enjoy visiting there, the couple decided it was ideal for the newest location of their family business, Harper’s Salvage, Sales & Service. Now they’re firmly entrenched in a successful enterprise that’s in a neighboring state from the original location.
2018.06.14 04:48 PM

Knox Auto Parts Announces Birmingham, AL Acquisition and Expansion

Expanding the family business to Alabama, Knox Auto Parts has purchased B&D Automotive as its third automotive recycling facility.
2018.06.01 06:22 AM

Built To Dismantle

Sure, you could dismantle four to five cars a day by hand. Or, you could process up to 70 a day with the raw power and delicate precision of the KOBELCO SK210D. That’s what Texas Auto Salvage of San Antonio is doing. The company purchased its first SK210D in October 2017 and quickly ordered a second unit one month later.
2018.05.06 08:37 AM

Since 1956

Some auto recyclers find success by specializing and cornering a small niche. Johnson’s Auto Wrecking has found success by taking exactly the opposite approach.
2018.03.21 09:16 AM

135 Auto

With just six cars on opening day, and 35 acres of land, Stanley Kingsley had a lot of ground to cover. It would take a little while, but with hard work, perseverance and a family that stood behind him - and ultimately staffed the business - 135 Auto in Mauckport, Ind. would grow to be a family legacy. Today, it’s one of the largest auto recycling yards in Indiana and involves three generations.
2018.03.21 09:16 AM


Auto recyclers have always known that their businesses help the environment. Now a scientific study has proven it.
2018.01.03 09:59 AM


In the southeastern corner of Missouri, in the part of the state that resembles a boot heel, you’ll find the last of the agricultural tractor recycling start-ups. Named for the location’s unique shape on the map, Bootheel Tractor Parts was started by Shawn Archie in 1999 out of a shop at his house. Fast forward 18 years, and Bootheel is a thriving business employing 22, and occupying a 100,000-square-foot warehouse and dismantling bay in a town of 3,000 known as East Prairie.
2018.01.03 09:59 AM


Spend just a few minutes with David Gold, and you can’t help but admire his energy and enthusiasm. It’s what has helped to propel this highly respected and seasoned recycler to the helm of the Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA), where he earned the title of president this past November. Currently, David is Executive Vice President and President of Fenix Parts Canada. Like many others, he grew up in the industry, and now he’s fully prepared to give back. We spent 15 minutes with David recently to find out what’s in store during his term.
2018.01.03 09:59 AM

Parts Smarts

When Bob Fiegleman graduated with a business degree from Penn State, he had dreams of turning his passion for fun and laughter into a career as a comedian and writer. Instead, he founded Morgan Highway Auto Parts in Scranton, Pa. Would things have worked out differently if Bob’s dad had been in the entertainment business rather than the scrap business? Who knows? Thankfully the people of Scranton, as well as anyone with access to a phone or the Internet, can do business with Bob when they need to buy used auto parts and vehicles. And, if a customer is lucky enough to speak with Bob on the phone, they’re sure to get a couple of laughs too.
2017.10.06 09:18 AM

On Alert

Tim McMillon wants to spread the word about the Takata airbag recall – even if it means talking to just one Honda driver at a time. Tim McMillon wants to spread the word about the Takata airbag recall – even if it means talking to just one Honda driver at a time. McMillon, the President and CEO of M & K Used Auto Parts, Inc., in Orange City, Fla., said that whenever he sees someone driving a Honda – usually a customer at his yard – he’ll ask if they’ve checked to see if there is a recall on the vehicle’s airbag.
2017.10.06 09:18 AM


Mark Duncan took the plunge into four-wheeling back in 1987, building his first jeep and heading out on an adventure like he’d never experienced before. It was a pivotal moment for Mark, who until then had just been selling Jeep parts. He finally understood what the fuss was all about. Now as president of J & W Auto Wreckers, Inc. in Antelope, Calif., he’s sharing his passion for Jeeps with his sons, Neil and Spencer, the third generation in this family business.
2017.06.29 02:33 PM

Honesty Pays

Whitey’s Wrecking, Inc. of Spokane, Wash., has operated under one simple motto for three generations: Honesty pays. Owner Dustin Koerper, grandson of company founder Marvin “Whitey” Koerper, remembers how his grandfather had that motto stamped onto the covers of matchbooks that he would hand out to customers.
2017.06.29 02:33 PM

Classic Cars

To an untrained eye, the ‘49, ‘50 and ‘51 Chevy look pretty similar. But Brandon Prihoda, co-owner of RPM Classic Parts in Albert Lea, Minn., can point out the little differences - from the fender trim to the grill. And knowing RPM Classic Parts, it’s more than likely that Prihoda has those parts in stock. This classic parts business is the “go to” place for vehicles and parts from the 1930s to the 1960s.
2017.06.29 02:33 PM

PAM’s Auto Earns NSF Distributor And Recycling Certifications

NSF International, a global organization with more than 70 years of independent product testing, auditing and certification expertise, has issued its first automotive recycler certification to PAM’s Auto, located in St. Cloud, Minn. PAM’s Auto met all requirements for NSF International automotive recycler certification including traceability, labeling and grading.
2017.05.08 09:02 AM

Cunningham Brothers Auto Parts Named A GM Supplier Of The Year

The Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA) announced that ARA member facility Cunningham Brothers Auto Parts, in Rustburg, Va. (www.cunningham-brothers.com), was recently named a GM Supplier of the Year by General Motors. The Cunningham family has been direct members of ARA for more than 25 years. This is the second time Cunningham Brothers has received the award.
2017.05.08 08:59 AM

Fenix Parts Releases Third Quarter 2016 Results

Fenix Parts, Inc. announced third quarter 2016 results on March 28, 2017. The company reported consolidated net revenues of $32.5 million for third quarter of 2016, compared to $34.2 million in second quarter 2016 and $32.2 million on a combine pro forma basis in the third quarter of 2015.
2017.04.10 12:37 PM

Indiana Auto Recyclers Receive Clean Yard Gold Level Award

Ray’s Auto Parts, Inc. in Amboy, Ind. has been received the Indiana Clean Yard-Gold Level award. Bruno Pigott, Commissioner of the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM), presented Michael Hierholzer, owner of Ray’s Auto Parts with the award in March.
2017.04.10 12:37 PM


Nuwer Auto Parts of Holland, N.Y. has 40 acres of land, an astounding 7,500 vehicles in all makes and models, and a reputation as the area’s leading source of hard-to-find parts.
2017.04.04 07:57 AM

422 Auto

The first thing you might notice about 422 Auto Sales, Inc. is its great expanse of concrete. Almost 90 percent of the 25-acre yard is covered in the resilient material. But it’s the out-of-state license plates in the customer lot that might cause you to take a second look. 422 Auto Sales may be located in northeastern Ohio but the yard gets plenty of traffic from New York, Pennsylvania and other locations hundreds of miles away.
2017.04.04 07:48 AM

Perfect Pick

Years ago I wrote about why parts are returned, and the benefits a more accurate parts ordering process would have for industry stakeholders. While quality was third out of the top five reasons for the overall return rate, it has come to our company’s attention that oftentimes the recycler decides a part is not up to standards and vetoes the sale without ever letting the customer weigh in.
2017.04.04 07:44 AM


Thirty percent growth for a company for one year is pretty good. Thirty percent growth year-after-year is outstanding. When George Trunyan started his auto recycling facility, Benzeen Auto Parts (formerly TLS Auto Recycling) in Rancho Cordova, Calif., in 2010 it made $600,000 the first year. Today, Trunyan expects to close with $4.4 million. The growth is due to Trunyan’s experience with finance and his willingness to take some risks.
2017.01.05 12:13 PM


Neil Morris knows scrap. He’s the third generation of the Morris family to be in the scrap business. His grandfather, Earl Morris, started Morris Scrap Metal Company, Inc. in Kings Mountain, N.C. in 1931. Neil’s father Jerry Morris runs that business today. Neil got his start there and is now vice president. But, auto recycling runs just as deep in his veins.
2017.01.05 12:13 PM


Being green isn’t a fad for Ken Freeman, owner of East West Auto Parts, Inc. in Tulsa, Okla., it’s a lifestyle. So when Freeman decided to build an auto recycling facility from the ground up, he knew he wanted it to be efficient, use recycled materials and have a minimal impact on the environment surrounding it.
2017.01.05 12:13 PM

Work Progresses On A $4.5 Million Update At Nordstrom’s

Big improvements at Nordstrom’s Automotive, Inc., in Garretson, S.D., are progressing. The company’s $4.5 million in updates are in the next stage. One year ago Nordstrom’s celebrated the opening of the business’ new paved road and now, the company is laying foundation for its first new building and readying for other facility upgrades.
2016.11.01 09:59 AM


In the mid 1950’s Art Frasik made the move from Chicago, Ill., to Middletown, Ohio, to start a car dealership. After a few years of selling cars, Art and his wife, Mary, started a family, and their son, Tony, recalled that his father had a good idea. “I just remember that he had this bright idea that he was going to open a salvage yard. So he bought some property and here we are.”
2016.10.03 01:38 PM

The P.A.R.T.

Colorado Auto & Parts has been in business since 1959 and Alice Corns has led the business her father founded for more than 30 years of that time. But, events during just 10 days in August have fulfilled more dreams for the company then Alice thought possible.
2016.10.03 11:37 AM


What is the secret to success in the auto recycling industry? At Erickson’s Auto Parts & Sales, it’s not complicated.
2016.10.03 11:28 AM

Colorado Auto & Parts Featured On Jay Leno’s Garage

Colorado Auto & Parts’ Plymouth Air Radial Truck, or P.A.R.T., was recently featured on Jay Leno’s Garage, www.nbc.com/jay-lenos-garage, a web-based show featuring the former Tonight Show host.
2016.09.12 04:49 AM

B & R Auto

Chasing down the right part for that classic vehicle is all in a day’s work at B & R Auto Parts. They even proved it a couple of years ago when they appeared on an episode of CNBC’s television show “Car Chasers,” the show that finds any excuse to fix and flip a classic car. In the episode, the “Car Chasers” crew arrived at B & R Auto Parts in Lubbock, Texas, searching for an elusive part for a 1971 Firebird 400.
2016.06.28 10:42 AM

One Stop

Sixty-six years ago Jim Stepp founded Stepp’s Towing Service as a gas station with one truck. Since then, the company has grown to 13 towing locations, as well as an environmental response company, a tire company and a transport company that covers 48 states. In 2011, in the face of relocation, the Stepps added an auto recycling facility to their growing list of companies.
2016.06.28 10:42 AM

Second Chance

Late one night last January, Brian Frink received an ominous phone call from his auto recycling facility’s alarm company. Alarms had detected motion at Mecca Auto Salvage & Recycling, Inc. (www.meccasalvage.com), the company he manages in Rockville, Ind. He quickly called his father, Aaron Frink, who owns Mecca Auto Salvage & Recycling and lives close to the business. Aaron looked in the direction of the facility and saw flames.
2016.06.28 10:41 AM

One Awesome Machine

The best ideas seem to just happen. Like, who would have planned to pair an automobile and an airplane and build something completely different? Gary Corns, of Colorado Auto & Parts in Englewood, Colo., that’s who. The thought came to him while he was digging through a local airplane salvage yard for a completely different project - customizing the company’s 1956 Ford Vanette. The van, used as a rolling billboard for the company, has a tricked out interior that looks like an airplane interior.
2016.06.06 07:40 AM

Close Proximity

An auto recycling facility may not be the first business one thinks of when imagining the Twin Cities Metro area. But, a facility that continues to grow and thrive, offers a lifetime warranty on most of its parts, and is a valued member of its community, is what you’ll find at A-Abco Fridley Auto Parts.
2016.03.22 11:00 AM

Go Green

It’s not easy being green. But Chris Sargent will tell you it is very worthwhile. The owner of Hwy. 62 Auto Salvage & Sales, Inc. (www.62autoparts.com) in Fayetteville, Ark., prides himself on running a green business in an industry that naturally is built on the recycle / re-use mindset.
2016.03.22 11:00 AM

Kramer's Auto

Having three different parts of a business is a decided advantage, according to Lisa Bartz of Kramer’s Auto Parts & Iron Co., Inc. in Grand Island, Neb. “When one slows down, the others keep you busy!”
2016.03.22 11:00 AM

Like New

The story of Allgeier Auto Parts, Inc., can be told in “before” and “after” photos. During the “before” era - the years prior to 2007 - the Cincinnati, Ohio yard was a typical “junkyard,” said Manager Kevin Walsh. “Everything was just scattered everywhere,” he said. “It was a muddy, farmer’s field. There was no sense of order with any of the cars.” After a major cleanup and organization, which started in 2007 and is still ongoing, the yard has been completely transformed.
2016.03.22 11:00 AM

Young Leader

Jonathan Morrow may have grown up in the recycling industry. But he still had to wait for a job opening before officially joining the family business.
2015.12.30 07:41 AM

Cover To Cover

Twenty years ago the country was plagued by partisan politics, President Clinton was in the White House, email was a new way to communicate and the Locator UpFront printed its very first issue.
2015.12.30 07:35 AM

Long Haul

Fifty years is a long time to do anything. Fifty years with a look towards the next fifty is a feature few businesses can boast these days, but Chesney Auto Salvage in Duluth, Minn., is doing just that. This year marks Chesney’s 50th year of business since it was first opened by Jerry Chesney in 1965, and with two daughters and a grandson on staff, the future of Chesney Auto Salvage looks bright.
2015.12.30 07:30 AM

Road Ready

Can a company that’s been in business since the 1920s still survive in today’s industry? Bill Smith Auto Parts, Inc., which has been in business for 86 years, isn’t merely surviving in 2015. It’s thriving.
2015.12.29 11:30 AM

ARA Recognizes Two Recyclers With Lifetime Achievement Awards

Two auto recyclers were given the honor of given ARA Lifetime Achievement Awards. Gary Beagell, of Gary’s U-Pull-It, Inc. in Binghamton, N.Y. and Paul Davis, of A-Plus Parts & Salvage, Inc. in Wichita, Kan., received the awards at the 72nd ARA Annual Convention and Exposition in Charlotte, N.C. on Oct. 9, 2015.
2015.12.04 05:02 AM


Greg Weaver is finally back at home. Weaver grew up in Florida and lived there until 2009, when he moved north to help his father, Bill Weaver, grow All Metal Auto Recycling, a business they co-own in Danville, Va. The father-son team also co-owns Weaver Industrial Equipment, also located in Danville.
2015.09.24 07:08 AM


There are 15 auto recycling facilities in Cleveland County, North Carolina. But Standridge Auto Parts in Shelby, N.C. stands out as something special. In a male-dominated industry, it’s a facility run by three women.
2015.09.24 07:04 AM


There’s nowhere to go but up for Omar Wahid. He is the president of Gray & White Used Parts Company, based in Carrollton, Ga., which just opened its fourth location in June 2015. In less than 20 years the company has quadrupled in size at a steady pace. His employees claim that success is because of how Omar runs the business.
2015.09.24 06:54 AM


What do you do when you are faced with the worst winter in recorded history? Well, if you’re Dan Warila, owner of Nationwide Auto Recycling LLC in Lancaster, Mass., the solution is to install solar panels on the roof of your giant building. Dan has spent his entire life in the auto recycling business, an industry that by definition is one committed to sustaining a greener planet, so he wasn’t about to let a little record snowfall get in his way.
2015.09.24 06:49 AM

Strength In Numbers

What would cause eight industry-leading, successful, auto recycling companies to join together and form a new conglomerate? It is the love of auto recycling and the ability to enhance the experience for their customers.
2015.06.29 06:38 AM


Auto recycling is unlike any other sect of the automotive industry. It is not one-size-fits-all; two identical parts can have different amounts of damage, wear, warranty, price, etc. Because it can’t be pigeonholed, the industry sometimes takes a beating in the public eye.
2015.04.20 05:38 AM

H & H ‘Backs In’ To Business Success

Zane Malcom always knew the “front side” of the auto recycling business, how to core motors, dismantle vehicles and sell to customers. But the co-owner of H & H Auto Parts, LLC credits his focus on the “back side” for the company’s recent success.
2015.04.20 05:17 AM


In 1935, all 48 states were suffering the effects of the Great Depression. The United States had not yet entered World War II. And, the Brainerd Municipal Airport was still located on Henry Rosko’s airfield. This was also the year that Charley Shipman opened a used auto parts store in Brainerd, Minn., named Oak Street Auto Parts. In 80 years a lot has changed, but Charley Shipman’s store lives on.
2015.04.20 05:13 AM


For the past 10 years, the Beckman family thought about opening an auto recycling facility. After all, they already had a used car dealership in downtown Waterloo, Iowa. Auto recycling seemed like a natural fit.
2015.01.27 05:54 AM


Brothers Steve and Mike Shaver started their company with a simple philosophy - they wanted to “fight for their right” to improve the auto recycling industry, beat the competition - and have a good time doing it.
2015.01.27 04:53 AM


When the cars line up at the New Egypt Speedway on a Saturday night, chances are that Darryl Carman and a few of his family members are there. As president of Lentini Auto Salvage in Ringoes, N.J., he might be cheering on the racecar his company has sponsored. Or he might be watching one of his kids compete. He might even be driving himself. In fact, racing is as much a part of the Carman family legacy as is the family business, and that’s not a bad thing, according to Carman.
2015.01.27 04:51 AM


One of the most important things to remember about INCARES is that it is for ALL Indiana recyclers that are devoted to doing it right. It is not only for big facilities with shiny fences and new crushers.
2015.01.27 04:39 AM


It’s not unusual for auto recycling facilities to offer more than just used parts. But Bubba Kaiser and Stephen Edwards, co-owners of Natchez Salvage & Parts, in Natchez, Miss., take diversification to the next level. Their facility boasts a self-service facility, repair shop, car lot and scrap scales, along with its full-service side.
2015.01.27 04:03 AM


Northlake Auto Recyclers, Inc. doesn’t see a lot of retail traffic in its location in Hammond, Ind. That’s a shame, because customers are missing out on all of the updates and improvements that owner Marty Hollingshead has made in recent years.
2014.10.16 11:39 AM

Green Disposal

Today’s marketplace of vehicles is comprised of an electric array of makes and models from various beleaguered manufacturers around the world. No matter where or how they are constructed, these vehicles will eventually reach the end of their useful lives.
2014.04.07 10:43 AM

The Greene Team

It’s just a coincidence that the family that owns G & R Auto Parts has an environmentally friendly name. Consider that very appropriate - since the Greene family was “going green” at their Oklahoma City, Okla. recycling yard even before it was fashionable.
2014.04.07 10:42 AM

Top 100

PAM's Auto, Inc. in St. Cloud, Minn. can now say it holds company with Microsoft, 3M Co., General Mills and the Mayo Clinic. That's because all four of these companies made the Minneapolis / St. Paul Star Tribune's 2011 Top 100 Workplaces in Minnesota (StarTribune.com/topworkplaces2011). The Star Tribune published the annual list in the June 19, 2011 edition. PAM's Auto was ranked 24th in the list's small business category.
2013.11.25 01:13 PM


The building at Sambucci Bros., Inc., in Flushing, N.Y., is so nice that sometimes customers drive right by it. That’s despite its brightly lit signage - four-foot letters displayed prominently on three sides of the brick and glass building.
2012.12.11 10:49 AM

Many Hands

Hyrum Boone has been fascinated with auto recycling his entire life. He even wrote a 10th grade English paper on the topic.
2012.09.21 08:02 AM
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