Hollander, Inc. Unveils New Part Search Web Site

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Hollander, Inc., based in Plymouth, Minn. and part of Solera Holdings, Inc., announced it is set to unveil a new web site that will benefit both consumers looking for recycled auto parts and the recyclers themselves. The site, HollanderParts.com, is powered by EDEN’s (Electronic Data Exchange Network) database of 157 million quality, used auto parts. Its clean, sleek interface will allow users to search and view the part’s detailed information including price, grade and image.

“Any repair facility (collision and mechanical) and the do-it-yourselfer will utilize HollanderParts.com to find quality recycled parts,” said Rich Lauria, Managing Director for Hollander. “Hollander is committed to working with industry partners to make recycled parts readily available to all consumers.”


Buy Online

One of the site’s most exciting features is its ecommerce capabilities. Users will now be able to search and place their recycled part purchases in the site’s shopping cart. Hollander will host the marketplace and upon checkout, the orders will be submitted directly to the auto recyclers. The recycler will process the order, package the part and ship it to the buyer. HollanderParts.com will also utilize a live chat function to give consumers the total online buying experience - no phone calls to the recycler needed.

“Today’s consumer would prefer not to pick up a phone and interact with a sales person to make a purchase,” admitted Lauria. “Also, there are too many recycled parts showing up on web sites that are inadequately described, missing pricing or lacking images … these are the biggest reasons potential buyers shy away from recycled parts. That needs to change in order to grow the acceptance of recycled parts across the general consumer population. There is huge opportunity waiting for recyclers that are willing to make their inventory ‘ecommerce ready’.”


Added Value

HollanderParts.com is available to all auto recyclers who subscribe to EDEN, as an added benefit. Beginning in early August, recyclers will have an opportunity to set up their yard profile, decide what inventory they want to make visible to potential buyers, as well as utilize the tools provided - like dashboards designed to help customers manage their online inventory to maximize selling opportunities - to assess if that inventory is ready for online sales.

“Because there is a confidence factor involved in the choice of a used part, it’s also important to build a relationship between the buyer and seller,” explained Lauria. “Hence the yard profile plays an important part establishing a viable web presence. We will promote the yard and it’s accreditations on the site. We also provide tools to help the recycler ‘condition’ their inventory for sale via ecommerce. Of course the search experience must be intuitive, and we’ve designed it to ensure that the best part for the job can be located quickly.”


Industry Input

Hollander has been working on the development of HollanderParts.com for the past 18 months, said Lauria. The company gathered requirements and input from auto recyclers across the United States and Canada.

“Our goal is to help our customers sell more parts by providing mechanisms to connect their inventory stored on EDEN to the many channels of demand for recycled parts,” Lauria said. “Our customers benefit, as do buyers who can find high-quality, affordable recycled parts to use for repairs. “HollanderParts.com is one example of investments Hollander is making to connect the EDEN inventory to market demand,” added Lauria. “It’s not only a marketplace, but a set of tools to help our customers improve their web ecommerce presence.”

Users can register to use the site for free at, HollanderParts.com. It will be fully launched this fall.

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