Auto Care Association Applauds Michigan Governor’s Veto

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder has recently vetoed a parts bill, a decision applauded by the Auto Car Association (ACA). House Bill 4344 was intended to update regulations in the Michigan Motor Vehicle Service and Repair Act. It recently landed on the Governor’s desk after passing the House on May 31, 2016 and going to the Senate on June 1.

The bill would have authorized fines for failing to register a facility. Among other things the bill would prohibit a repair shop from replacing a part with one not made by the vehicle’s maker without customer notice and permission. The ACA contends that the bill’s authors included new language that limited the use of aftermarket parts by mandating that an aftermarket part would have to be verified by a nationally-recognized automotive parts testing agency.

The Auto Care Association earlier joined a number of other groups in an unsuccessful grassroots effort to defeat the bill in the legislature. In his letter to the legislature to explain the veto the governor said that “As Michigan continues its comeback, it is imperative that we ensure all components of that industry can remain strong, including Michigan’s robust aftermarket parts industry.” He also expressed his concern about HB 4344’s effect on market competition for replacement parts on motor vehicles.

“Michigan’s aftermarket auto parts industry is strong because of its competition with the OEMs,” said Governor Snyder. “Enacting a law to prohibit mechanics from providing high quality and safe alternatives for customers is an inappropriate impediment on the competition that has resulted in both high quality OEM and aftermarket parts for Michigan drivers to enjoy.”

“We had a tremendous effort from the industry to communicate directly with the governor’s office and I have to thank everyone who took the time to personally write the governor,” said Bill Hanvey, president and CEO, Auto Care Association. “We worked hard to sit down with the stakeholders early on in this process, but those efforts did not produce the compromise we were seeking, and we are very grateful that Governor Snyder had the astute ability to get to the heart of the matter and send this bill back to the legislature.”

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