Keep Workers Safe in Hot Weather

The summer heat can pose a danger to those to work outside. Paul D’Adamo, industry consultant and president of Recycling Growth in Cumberland, R.I., released information on how to care for workers in hot weather. He said if a worker is having a convulsion, it could be a sign of heat stroke, especially if the employee has been in the heat for a prolonged period of time. In 2014, 18 employees died from heat stroke and related causes.

D’Adamo offered these tips:

Download the OSHA Heat APP (OSHA Heat Safety Tool) and check it daily.

Provide adequate water, shade and rest.

  • Water - Coolers should be refreshed everyday with ice. Be sure employees are drinking water every 15 to 20 minutes in extreme heat.
  • Shade - Provide an outdoor tent for breaks and / or lunch.
  • Rest - Provide extra breaks when temperatures and / or humidity are in the danger zone.

Don’t over exert employees during the heat of the day. Schedule heavier workloads during the morning hours if possible.

Monitor workers more frequently for any sign of heat exhaustion.

Create a buddy system for yard workers to look out for each other, especially new employees.

Be sure to document safety meetings with your employees and file it in your safety manual.

Go to to find additional resources on heat safety.

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