August 2019

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Most Consumers Don’t Understand Data Security For Connected Vehicles

A recent study by CarGurus found that despite the increased adoption of connected vehicle technology, consumers remain ill-informed about the potential security threats the technology presents.

Why Drivers Shouldn’t Use Winter Tires in Summer

Many drivers are tempted to drive their winter tires during the summer season. According to an expert from Nokian Tyres, this is risky for drivers and traffic.

Solera Creates Revolutionary Auto Research and Training Center

Solera Holdings, Inc.’s training center will showcase an innovative blend of both industry research and expert training. CESVI LIV NA will feature the latest repair and maintenance tools, equipment and processes for U.S. automotive and insurance industries.

Nexcel Makes Oil Changes Quick, Smart and Simple

The Nexcel oil cell, an easy-to-change unit containing both engine oil and filter delivers superior engine performance and improved environmental sustainability. The new technology allows your oil to be changed in around 90 seconds, more than 13 times faster than a conventional oil change of 20 minutes.

ELV Project Proves Viable Market for Recycled Plastics from Autos

The ELV Project was designed to study the viability of collecting and recycling plastic car parts, including car bumpers, to eventually be broken down and used as materials to make new products. The results from the ELV Project indicate that there is technology and a market to recycle plastic from vehicles

ARA Hires New Director of Member Relations

ARA recently announced the hiring of Vince Edivan as Director of Member Relations. He will be travelling around the country to meet with existing and prospective ARA members as well as engaging with the current membership through multiple communication platforms.

Porsche Reprints Original Driver’s Manuals

Around 700 driver’s manuals are currently available from Porsche Classic, including editions in various languages and in some cases also for different model variants. The portfolio also includes more than 100 warranty and maintenance booklets. There are also vehicle servicing and care booklets/instructions as well as vehicle wallets that are true to the original. The documents are available from Porsche dealers worldwide.
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