Mobile Apps Enhance Your Customer’s Experience

Look around. Everywhere you turn people are on their smart phones. Whether it’s the airport, waiting room or office, people are zeroed in onto their phones. In fact, according to Pew Research Center (, 91 percent of adults in the United States have a mobile phone and 52 percent of those phones are smart phones. What’s more, those with smart phones, and other mobile devices, use them, rather than PCs or laptops, to perform more than half of their Internet searches. Thirty-four percent of mobile Internet users go online mostly with their phones. The same holds true for our own site, More than 40 percent of our online visits were done on mobile devices. That’s why our site has mobile capabilities. But businesses can go even further to reach these mobile users. A mobile app is an even better way to engage those mobile users. Mobile apps work best when they serve at least four purposes: engage your customers, offer great customer service, allow for promotions and sell your products or services online.

Customer Engagement - An app should make your customer’s life easier. Apps can link your customer’s location to your business through mapping and an integrated GPS, they allow customers to read local reviews about your business and browse photos. Apps can even allow you to set up detailed descriptions about services and pricing. Specific apps can be created, like an estimating app that draws the user back to your business for their repair.

Customer Service - These apps give customers a simple and efficient way to get in touch with you. You can include detailed information about your business, hours, etc., plus direct contact information through a one-touch phone call or e-mail. Apps can also allow your customers to book appointments for service online. Get feedback and opinions from your customers by inserting polls and surveys.

Promotion - Coupons are a great way to draw current and future customers to your business. Apps can generate coupons that are pushed to the downloader. Since the users are mobile, they could be driving by your shop when they receive a coupon for a discounted service and immediately decide to pull in. Since the coupons are always on their device, your customer always has them on hand. Put in an option to post to social media sites, and your promotion has become a social media marketing tool. Also, make the promotion only available to app downloaders for exclusivity.

Selling Product - Apps can connect to your inventory system to allow customers to purchase products or parts online. You can also push or highlight specific products or services. App updates allow you to change up what you want to offer. You can also create a rewards program that gives your mobile customer a bonus for using your services. That bonus can include discounts after a certain number of visits or special services for rewards club members.

As a last benefit, mobile apps can also collect data on customer behavior (their job, ages, spending limits, etc.) which can give you more solutions for offering better service. However you choose to use a mobile app, it is an extension of your company’s brand. It’s a way to keep customers engaged in your business by keeping them aware of your services, increasing their loyalty and keeping them coming back.

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