Car Owners Spending More Personal Time On Repairs For Paint Damage

Car owners in the U.S. are spending more "do-it-yourself" time and money to improve the appearance of their vehicles, according to a recent study by Chipex, a leading supplier of car-care products. 

The Chipex survey indicated that foreign cars actually receive more "paint care" than domestic brands. BMW owners, for example, did more do-it-yourself work to fix paint chips and dings than any other group nationally over the past year. 

Ford and Chevrolet owners were the only domestic brand groups to make the top 10 list of enthusiasts who did do-it-yourself repairs over the last 12 months. BMW and Ford came in first and second, followed by Audi, Toyota, Honda, Mercedes, Subaru, Nissan, Chevrolet and VW. 

The study also indicated the most popular U.S. paint-repair colors; where do-it-yourself owners typically live, and when repairs are generally made. 

Among more than 150,000 paint colors offered by Chipex the most popular for paint repair work in the U.S. were shades of black followed by white, blue, gray and silver. The top 10 color list was rounded out by red, yellow, green, brown and orange. 

By comparison, a color popularity chart based on 2018 new-model sales published by PPG Industries listed white as number one in all four regions of the world. Black came in second in both North America and the Asia Pacific area.  Gray was number two in Europe and silver took second place in South America. 

California was the clear "do-it-yourself" paint-repair leader among U.S. states, topping second-place Florida by a two-to-one margin. Texas, New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio and Virginia rounded out the top 10 in that order. 

Chipex noted that the months of August and September were the most popular months of the year to fix paint dings and chips, followed by the spring months of April and May. 

"Whether it's to improve resale value before purchasing a new-model car in the fall or just part of a spring-cleaning exercise earlier in the year, more and more car owners are finding out that do-it-yourself paint repairs are a great way to save money," says Johnny Graham, Chipex founder and owner. 

Graham's company provides kits for the repair of scratches and paint damage on virtually any car, SUV or light truck from Ford and BMW up to super luxury sports-car brands such as Ferrari, Lamborghini and Maserati. 

"We developed our Chipex system to provide a high-quality paint-repair option for consumers," notes Graham. "Our surface-chemistry technology provides car owners with a paint that dries in less than 30 seconds for a repair that can take less than five minutes to complete." 

Chipex repair kits and the company's other car-care products are available online at   

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