Fuelist Ready To Launch Classic Car App

Fuelist LLC announced it has received approval from Apple, Inc. for the download of the “Fuelist” collector vehicle valuation mobile app. The app is designed to target the classic vehicle market by giving a classic vehicle’s value.

It is based off of the Fuelist website, www.fuelist.com, which gives the value of a vehicle based upon what someone is willing to pay for it. The information is based on online and live auction transactions. Fuelist collects data from these sales, including prices and locations, to original vehicle specifications, modifications and beyond.

Matthew Hamilton, Fuelist co-founder, said that along with consumer and enterprise subscription seats, targeting and facilitating transactions between buyers and sellers represents a significant asset to Fuelist.

"We believe this asset is also turning out to be quite valuable to potential strategic partners in the insurance and auction industries. Considering recent IPOs and activity in the automotive industry along with their associated valuations places Fuelist as a company in the right space at the right time,” said Hamilton. "Never before has so much data on collector car and motorcycle transactions been so readily available. We believe our Fuelist mobile app will put the power of hundreds of thousands of individual verified collector car and motorcycle sales in the palm of our subscriber's hand. We can't tell them what to buy, but we can show them what models are available in their price range from up to four makes and models at the same time, saving them a huge amount of research time.”

Hamilton added that Fuelist is currently pursuing patents in the area of accurate asset pricing along with matching buyers and sellers.

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