Hollander Identifies Wheels With Just A Photo

For decades, identifying a wheel and its Interchange Number meant endless searches through printed manuals. But Hollander’s new WheelSpotter app makes that time-consuming task ancient history. 

Last month, Hollander introduced a mobile app that will identify a wheel’s Hollander Interchange number using only a photo. The WheelSpotter app runs on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. It applies machine learning (artificial intelligence) and advanced filtering to sort through 12,000 OEM wheels to determine the Hollander Interchange number of your wheel. 

The WheelSpotter app gives you the following information about your wheel: 

  • Hollander Interchange number; 
  • Range of vehicle make, model, and year the wheel fits; 
  • Material and finish; 
  • Style (e.g., count and shape of spokes); 
  • Bolt count and bolt pattern diameter; 
  • Offset; 
  • Placement;  
  • Manufacturer style number and option number; and 
  • Ident number embossed on the wheel. 


To use Wheelspotter, all you have to do is point the camera (of any device running iOS 12 or later) at your wheel or choose a photo already on your device.  WheelSpotter takes that image and shows to you a list of Hollander Interchange numbers sorted so the wheels that look most like the one in the photo are on top.  All of this happens entirely in the app and does not require an internet connection, so it’s blazing fast! 

Wheelspotter also lets you select a year, make, and model to see the list of Hollander Interchange numbers that fit that vehicle. 

Don’t know the YMM? Tap to filter by the emblem on the wheel and its style. You can even search by the Ident number embossed on the wheel. Whatever information you have, Wheelspotter can use it to identify your wheel. 

The WheelSpotter app is $199 a year and has data for both aluminum and steel wheels.  If you want the app to integrate with data from your wheel management system or vendor’s wheel system, there is a Wheel Pro edition for $299 a month.  

To learn more information about the WheelSpotter app, visit www.wheelspotter.com

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