1967 Morgan Plus Four Drop Head Coupe Finds a New Home at Genius Garage

The Genius Garage, a non-profit educational charity that provides engineering experience to college students, is the new home for a 1967 Morgan Plus Four Drop Head Coupe donated by a philanthropic and incredibly thoughtful family from Georgia.  Their wish was to help keep the legacy of their late grandfather’s English car alive for many years to come through teaching and inspiring young engineers and craftsman. 

Founded in 2014 by automotive designer and race car driver Casey Putsch, the Genius Garage began as a college internship program to bridge the gap from academia to industry.  The Genius Garage’s goal is to connect college engineering students with careers in the automotive and aerospace industries. The programs are set up to best cultivate and develop the student’s real-world experience and problem-solving skills by restoring and racing vintage race cars, building a BD5 microjet, restoring a Long EZ aircraft and a full-scale (38-foot) flying replica of a Pterosaur. 

The Genius Garage race cars currently include an IMSA GTO tube frame Corvette, a C3 widebody Greenwood Corvette IMSA racer and a ‘90’s carbon fiber monocoque Nissan prototype race car, all of which are the complete responsibility of students in their engineering and preparation. 

 “I am really excited that a historic car that otherwise would have been relegated to a collection or a museum is going to be something that will be able to teach, be hands on and inspire students for years to come,” said Putsch.  “A car like this … was built in the older ways of craftsmanship which can teach lessons and inspire students for years to come. 

“The plan is for it to live with the Genius Garage and the students will maintain it, drive it and an appreciate the way it should be.  It is the best way to cultivate the love of vintage automobiles and carry the passion forward for future generations.”

To see more, visit the Genius Garage web site at http://geniusgarageracing.com/, view Putsch’s YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/user/putsch1 or follow Putsch on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/caseyputsch/

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