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William Wilusz is a self-proclaimed "car man." His collection of old vehicles,which he painstakingly restored,offers proof to that effect. But nowhere is his legacy more evident than in the family business he began because of his passion for vehicles.

In 1973, William moved from his former business, a gas station, to a place where he could spend time with the autos he loved.

"He cleared the land, constructed the building and built a house for his family right on property," stated Samantha Walton, treasurer and office manager of Allied Auto Wrecking in Weare, N.H. "He still lives there today."

It was a family affair as the business grew, with William's wife Cherrie pitching in to dismantle vehicles alongside employee Walton. Daughter Tammy worked in the office and son David Wilusz helped everywhere. Tammy ultimately left the business, making David the natural successor when William officially retired.

Perfecting A Passion

Today, Allied Auto Wrecking has made a name for itself as an auto recycling facility that specializes in late-model autos and trucks, both foreign and domestic. But that's not all. "We offer 24-hour towing services," noted Walton. "We pick up junk cars for free. We're a New Hampshire state inspection station. We do a huge business in used tires from both tire installs and disposals. We sell recycled windshield washer fluid and antifreeze by the gallon at a huge savings. Customers can bring in their own jugs or we have jugs here."

Internet Savvy

As a state-of-the-art operation, it also incorporates computer technology.

"David brought in the computer system [Hollander] when he first took over about 15 years ago," explained Walton. "Since then, we've been selling on, Hotlines and eBay. In the past five years, we brought in two extra systems to help with part searches. We've upgraded all the computers to Windows 7."

The business has also created a Facebook page. "I have a lot of friends on there, and so I put Allied out on Facebook," remarked Walton. "We use it to upload our specials or announce daily arrivals. When we were painting the building, we did a Facebook poll to help decide on the color."

In fact, the Internet is Allied Auto Wrecking's preferred form of marketing. "I don't even use the Yellow Pages anymore," Walton noted. "I go right to the Internet when I want a phone number. Nearly all of our out-of-state business is on the Internet. They find us through our web site."

Allied Auto Wrecking's customer base is 30 percent retail, made primarily of Internet and Saturday walk-in traffic. The remaining 70 percent is wholesale, which includes body shops, insurance companies and local police departments.

"We do towing for police cars," she explained.

Allied Auto Wrecking ships parts, which include a standard 90-day warranty, via UPS or Land Air Express. Its delivery truck makes daily rounds throughout New England.

The business' staff doesn't physically travel to auctions to find inventory; all inventory is purchased more efficiently online. Two industry tools make it even easier. The business uses Bid Buddy to determine best purchases; it then uses Inventory Buddy to download incoming salvage into the computer.

Not Afraid To Change

Every so often, Allied Auto Wrecking clears the lot. "We just scrapped out the yard to get rid of inventory that wasn't selling," stated Walton. "We're looking to get the collection of the right inventory that sells."

Owners: David Wilusz
Location: Weare. N.H.
Years In Business: 37

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