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Automotive lifts are handy tools for auto recyclers to use as they drain fluids and strip parts from vehicles. The equipment demands an incredible amount of trust from its operators, though, considering the amount of weight it is responsible for lifting.

Target Lifts International, Inc. co-founder John "Jack" Mauldin said his lift manufacturing company includes a product line devoted to auto recycling operations, which helps reassure many of his customers.

"Making lifts that are designed for cars that have been wrecked is one of our specialties," he added. "The quality and dependability of our equipment is famous. Many of our customers in the salvage yard business return for more lifts when they need them, once they realize [lifts] increase the efficiency of their vehicle dismantling operations."

Specialty Lifts

Auto recyclers generally use lifts designed to hoist anywhere from 4,000 to 12,000 pounds, Jack noted. One of the unique auto dismantling lifts the business offers is the TSL12, a 12,000-pound end- or side-loading lift. Its rolling loading-beams allow auto recyclers to move the vehicle while dismantling it. Auto recyclers may also choose to add optional, extra beams to the hoist, which makes it possible for dismantlers to work on two vehicles at the same time.

"We're proud that we've been involved with the salvage industry for so long," said Jack. "Surviving in this business climate, with a lot of our competitors going out of business, it says a lot about our business acumen. And the guys in the industry are real nice."

Target Lifts International delivers most lifts to auto recycling facilities through truck services. Jack noted that clients are usually able to install the lift themselves, a process that normally takes about four hours.

Clients outside the auto recycling industry contract Target Lifts International ( to build lifts that support more than 100,000 pounds. The company's customers include United States military branches, homeowners and park services.

"In addition to salvage yard lifts, we are well known for our creativity, and can build lifts for just about any job," added Jack. "We have built special lifts for the armed forces, universities and large corporations. We can build them to pick up items to set on mezzanines or just about anything else you can come up with."

Target Lifts International has operated in the hoist business for 35 years and has been building products for auto recyclers for 30 years. The business resides in a 60,000-square-foot facility in rural Burleson, Texas. There is a family atmosphere within the company, which began when Jack founded the company with his brother Larry Mauldin and their friend James Bolton in 1976.

Patriotic Products

Target Lifts International promotes its products as American-made.

"All our products are built out of U.S. steel," said Jack. "It's great to have a product that is made exclusively in America. Not many industries can say that today."

Blue Collar

Target Lifts International ships many of its products daily, including home stackers, parking lifts, two-post automotive lifts, four-post automotive lifts and rolling bridge jacks. It also builds custom-made lifts. More than a dozen employees, most of them with welding backgrounds, assemble and load the products for shipment.

"Our workers are dependable and have a lot of strength of character," said Jack. "It's a blue-collar job, but we've got guys who have been here for 20 years. We're family oriented."

Owners: John "Jack" Mauldin,
Larry Mauldin, James Bolton
Location: Burleson, Texas
Years In Business: 35

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