Hollander Helps eBay Customers Buy Used Parts

Recycled Auto Parts’ Benefits

Today’s consumers are increasingly careful with how they spend their money and how their purchases affect the environment. Using recycled auto parts to fix your vehicle, instead of buying new parts, doesn’t just make sense economically but it makes sense also in doing your part as a consumer to protect the environment.

Hollander, Inc., headquartered in San Diego, Calif., provides more than 3,000 auto recyclers with business solutions, like inventory systems, for buying and selling used auto parts. Recycled auto parts are the original equipment manufacturer parts for a vehicle that have been carefully removed from the vehicle and inspected. The automotive recycling industry is the only industry that recycles up to 80 percent of its product.

Using recycled parts saves an estimated 80 billion barrels of oil annually and prevents dangerous toxins from being released into the ground and water. The amount of toxic oils and fluids that auto recyclers safely dispose of equals the same amount of oil that would be spilled if there were eight Exxon Valdez disasters every year.

Recycled parts not only cost less than their equivalent new parts, but they also save our scarce natural resources and cut down on the pollution that results from manufacturing brand new parts.

Easy Find For Used Auto Parts

EBay and Hollander have teamed up to help consumers find the best recycled parts for their vehicle. Since its beginnings in 1933, Hollander has beeninstrumental in providing auto recyclers with the Hollander Interchange, a continually updated list of interchangeable parts. Hollander continues to help the automotive recycling industry to evolve and to develop ways to improve the consumer’s access to quality recycled parts.

Through the exclusive relationship Hollander developed with eBay, Hollander’s eBay landing page, www.ebay.com/mtr/recycledparts, offers consumers an easy and accurate way to locate quality recycled parts. It features only high quality parts from auto recyclers who have received accreditation for their green environmental practices. It provides images of the parts to help ensure accuracy and to make sure the right parts are purchased the first time. So, for those consumers who are interested in doing their part to help our environment and save money at the same time, www.ebay.com/mtr/recycledparts is a must.

Fast, Efficient Searches

Many consumers give up because it can be time consuming to search the Internet for the best deal and few of us today have that kind of time. Hollander’s eBay landing page solves that dilemma by providing a fast and efficient one-stop shop to find quality recycled parts that are both good to the environment and good to your wallet. It also ensures you find the right part for your vehicle every time because it allows you to see what you are getting before you buy it.

Smart consumers are encouraged to visit www.ebay.com/mtr/recycledparts today to start their savings and increase their impact our saving our environment.

Since 1934, Hollander has delivered trusted business solutions to the automotive recycling industry. The Hollander Interchange is the most widely used database to identify automotive parts that interchange, setting the industry standard for communicating part fit and availability.

Today more than 6,000 automotive recyclers rely on Hollander products - from yard management solutions to parts databases. Hollander is part of Solera Holdings, Inc., an integrated group of leading automotive claims solutions companies.

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