Is Part Of The Growing Mobile Trend

A new study found that users spend more time on their smartphones than any other screen, including television.

The AdReaction study found that the typical multiscreen users - those that have access to both a TV and a smartphone or tablet - watch less than seven hours of “screen media” daily, with smartphones accounting for 35 percent of total screen time. TV viewing, by comparison, takes up just under two hours a day.

An article appeared about this study at that breaks down the marketing implications of this finding. Basically, even though smartphones and tablets take up 47 percent of a user’s screen time, brands are devoting just four percent of global media spending to mobile devices, compared with two thirds still being spent on TV. The article suggests marketers step up their mobile game. is completely mobile-friendly. That means our website fits neatly into the smaller screen sizes of smartphones and tablets. It adjusts to allow for easier readability, while maintaining all of the site’s information. Our blocks of information simply stack vertically on the page, instead of left to right. Scroll down and you’ll find what you need.

Our banner advertisements are still prominently displayed on our mobile site, maybe even more so because they show up directly in front of the user’s face, instead of off to the side. Internet banners are an affordable way to connect with the growing number of users on our site. Call a Locator sales representative today to have one made for your company, 800-831-0820, or email

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