Nominate Your Boss For Boss Of The Year

The deadline is quickly approaching for The Locator’s annual Boss of the Year nominations. The deadline to nominate your boss is August 14, 2015. The process is simple; go to and simply fill out the form. The more nominations your boss receives, the better. Each winner receives a feature in the Autumn issue of the Locator UpFront. This issue is not only mailed to about 5,000 auto recycling facilities nationwide, but it is also given out to industry leaders at the annual ARA convention and exposition.

This is an honor that has been bestowed upon the industry’s top auto recyclers for the last 19 years. Past winners have had great things to say about being Boss of the Year:      

“I was speechless. I didn’t realize my employees had nominated me.” Gary Coln, 2014 Boss of the Year

“My reaction was a combination of surprise and humility. I remember the first Boss of the Year was Garry Howard, a good friend of mine. (Boss of the year winners) that’s a really prestigious group of people. I never thought I’d be in that group.” Jim Butler, 2013 Boss of the Year

“I always read the boss of the year issue and I actually gave a quote for Bill’s article. I said to a co-worker, ‘I wish someday my employees would nominate me.’” JC Cahill, 2010 Boss of the Year

“I didn’t even know that I was nominated. It certainly was exciting. The honor was important but I felt even more deeply grateful that I had employees who cared enough to nominate me.” Joe Goodman, 2009 Boss of the Year


The entire list of past winners includes:

Gary Coln, 2014

Jim Butler, 2013

Alvin Collier, 2012

Doug Ruppel, 2011

JC Cahill, 2010

Joe Goodman, 2009

Marty Hollingshead, 2008

Krystyn Roberts, 2007

Jeff Kantor, 2006

Bill Stevens, 2005

Dave Kokot, 2004

Michael Yeager, 2003

Greg White, 2002

Everett Rigsby, 2001

Gary Wiesner, 2000

Gary Beagell, 1999

Gary Merchant, 1998

Garry Howard, 1997

Don Wright, 1996

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