2013 Hollander Innovation Summit

Whew, a lot has been happening here at The Locator. As soon as we finished production of the 2014 Locator’s Directory, I was off to Minneapolis, Minn. for Hollander’s 2013 International Innovation Summit. It was a very informative show, with great entertainment events. Hollander held a “pub crawl” on the sixth floor of the Marriott City Center. The event had a different types of food and drink in each corner of the floor. It was outstanding. Everyone was able to nibble and still network at the same time. I got the chance to talk to people in person that I’ve either e-mailed or talked to on the phone for years. The sessions were nice. I thought the length was great. Some were about 50 minutes and other double that - depending on the topic.

One of the events I looked forward to most was the Alternative Parts Utilization Panel. The panel was moderated by Rick Tuuri from Audatex. It featured both auto recyclers and auto repairers, along with an insurance representative. I have listened to panels and keynote speakers before on the auto body side, mainly at the Midwest Autobody Show, that talked about repair issues and was interested in seeing them together. The two sides discussed problems between the industries (cycle time, accurate part / damage descriptions and price matching). (You can read my article about the panel in the September 2013 Locator Magazine.)

These two industries (recycling and repair) have literally worked together since the automobile was first manufactured, yet they don’t seem to communicate their needs to each other on a regular basis. Is it because there isn’t a set forum or group that does this? Each has their own associations, trainings, events, etc., but neither has one entity that incorporates them both on equal footing. I know many auto recyclers attend Collision Industry Conferences and / or host I-CAR trainings, but that really isn’t a forum to discuss issues or problems between the two industries.

It would have also been interesting to have a representative from the AAIA (Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association) there as well. Many auto recyclers supplement their inventories with aftermarket parts and many auto repairers use aftermarket parts, whether it is recommended from an insurance company or the customer.

It seemed the panel scratched the surface on what these two industries want from each other. I’d like to see it continue next year, hopefully with some steps in place to facilitate regular communication.

Other noteworthy information - The September 2013 Locator Magazine is out the door. It will be mailed next week. We have also chosen a 2013 Boss of the Year! This auto recycler will be featured in the next issue of the Locator UpFront, Autumn 2013. I will unveil the winner in a couple weeks.

Have a great weekend!

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