Banner Ads Fill a Niche

Trillions of banner ads are seen by consumers each day, according to comScore, and Solve Media says you are more likely to complete Navy Seal training than click on a banner ad.

With statistics like that, no wonder companies shy away from digital marketing. According to Google’s Display Benchmarking tool, U.S. click-through rates for banners averaged just 0.1 overall in 2014. So why even bother with a banner as at

Well, for one thing, The Locator doesn’t follow industry trends. We are a unique site that fills a very unique niche. Visitors are actively searching for companies, products or services to fill a very specific need. And perhaps that’s why our banners consistently score far above those industry standards.

So far, in 2015, over 92% of the banners on The Locator’s site fare better than the 0.1 average, and more than 40% receive a CTR greater than 0.5. (CTR stands for click-through-rate, and simply means the number of people who click on a banner).

Starting at just $100 per month, banners can be an efficient, cost-effective tool to reach the audience you want. For more details, call Cindy at 800-831-0820 or email her at For our complete sales kit, visit this page

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