The New School Of Auto Recycling


Jason and Carrie Fisher are third generation owners of J & R Truck Parts ( Founded in 1982 by Jason’s grandfather, Jason and Carrie bought the business from Jason’s parents in 2008. They evolved the business from, as Jason and Carrie described, an “old-school junkyard” to a “full-service, state-of-the-art automotive recycling facility.”

“Carrie and I are very progressive recyclers. We both strongly believe that we need to work hard to keep up with the competition, as there is so much competition in West Michigan, and are constantly trying new things and implementing new ideas to help us do so,” Jason said. One aspect that sets the business apart is its dismantling process.

“We do no outside dismantling - it is all done under-roof - to properly captureand contain all fluids to be recycled as heating fuel for our 14,000-square-foot warehouse, or sold to proper reclamation companies,” Jason said.

Carrie noted, “I think the thing that sets us apart from the competition is we aren’t trying to be the biggest facility, we just want to be the best at what we do. We are always focusing on making ourselves better.”

Jason and Carrie attribute part of their success to their involvement in Automotive Recyclers of Michigan (ARM). Jason is currently serving as treasurer for the board of directors.

“We are a MICAR Plus (Michigan Certified Automotive Recycler), and adhere to a number of stringent environmental as well as business practices. [We] try to always keep up on the latest so we can do our part to protect our environment for future recyclers,” Jason said. “Our association […] is one of the strongest in the country. We have an outstanding Executive Director in Barb Utter, who pours her heart and soul into our association. From the networking opportunities, to the legislative end of things, it is a must for my business to be a part of,” Jason said.

Jason received the ARM President’s Award in 2009 and 2013. Tom Kooienga, owner of Premier Auto and Truck Parts, Inc., chose Jason Fisher for the award in 2008.

“I awarded Jason the ARM President’s award because he was always ready to step up to the challenges of running a business, being active in his children’s sports activities and serving on the board of ARM. Even though we are close to each other in proximity, we have a great working relationship and instead of looking at him as competition, we work together to become better at what we do,” Kooienga said.

Bill Fox, of Fox Auto Parts, Inc., and current board president of ARM, chose Jason for the award in 2013. “I chose Jason because of his dedication to ARM. Whenever there is an issue that comes up for ARM, he’s only a phone call away,” Fox said.

Jason said, “It is simply a reflection of the time and effort we put into our association to try and make things better for all involved. These awards are very humbling, and only motivate me to want to do better, not only in the way we conduct business, but in life.”

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