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Employees Do Not Leave Companies, They Leave Management

We call them boss, manager, employers and they are the key to team building and team retention.

This issue salutes one of the best of the best in our industry … a boss who excels and is appreciated.

Quite frankly I see the name boss as a “four letter word” and not always very complimentary. I would opt for company leader as opposed to boss. After all is leadership what we as employees or members of a company team expect from one whom we are accountable to?

In my over 55 years as a professional motor vehicle dismantler and parts recycler I have served in many rolls: employee, manager, owner and now, again since 1999, employee. So I have been on both sides of the “fence” and on top of the “fence”. This has taught me many lessons in leadership and I would like to pass on to you very briefly my experiences on what it takes to be a class leader in our industry.


Communication Is Key

First and most important is to be a clear and definitive communicator. Those working under your leadership must clearly understand your expectations of them and that of your company team.

Leaders must know they only owe members of their team’s one thing … opportunity. And in that sense they must provide the education and tools to enable members of their team to capture the opportunity your company offers.

The one thing most appreciated by team members is feedback on how they are doing and how their performance is contributing to the success of the company. Leaders must provide both positive feedback and constructive advice on how to improve where needed.


Know Your Employee’s Needs

Leaders expect, as they should, valuable service from members of their team and it is just as important for leaders to serve the needs of the members of his or her team. Excellent leaders ask for this information so they can meet the needs of team members. Effective team leaders know the value of having two ears and one mouth. Listening is of great value in being a valued leader.

Good leaders know the difference and values of authority and motivation. Authority is a given to be an effective leader and motivation is how to earn the respect of authority. Both work hand-in-hand toward positive company achievement.


Lead By Example

Last and certainly not least is to lead by example. An effective leader mirrors what is expected and realistic for members of a team to emulate - punctuality, honesty, clarity and personal performance.

In closing, the best advice I can give to company and industry leaders is “Reflect What You Expect.”

Wishing you all successful and sustainable motor vehicle recycling.

Herb Lieberman is a member of the LKQ team. He was previously a partner in the family business of Lakenor Auto & Truck Salvage in Santa Fe Springs, Calif. He has many accomplishments in the industry, including being a past president of ARA. He is also an active member of ARA, LKQ’s liaison to the Government Affairs department and contributor to industry publications. He was recently appointed to the CAWA Board of Directors as a representative of LKQ Corporation.

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