Greg Weaver Opens Two Florida Locations

Greg Weaver is finally back at home.

Weaver grew up in Florida and lived there until 2009, when he moved north to help his father, Bill Weaver, grow All Metal Auto Recycling, a business they co-own in Danville, Va. The father-son team also co-owns Weaver Industrial Equipment, also located in Danville.

This past April, Weaver and two business partners purchased two new yards, Pasco Auto Recycling in Hudson, Fla., and Clearwater Auto Recycling in Largo, Fla. Weaver, along with his wife and their three small boys, moved from Virginia to Florida to be close to the new locations.

“The plan had always been to return to Florida when the time was right,” Weaver explained. “I was looking for the right opportunity, and these yards were a perfect fit.”

Both of the locations are established yards with long histories. Clearwater Auto Recycling was founded in 1969 on a small piece of property in downtown Clearwater as a transmission shop. The business’ founders, Joel Kehrer and Mac MacKinley, opened Pasco Auto Recycling in 1981.

Weaver said he immediately saw potential in both yards.

“Clearwater Auto Recycling is located in the most densely populated county in Florida,” he said. “Pasco Auto Recycling is located in one of the fastest growing counties in Florida. Both facilities were basically turnkey in terms of land, buildings and production capacity. I think both yards have enormous growth potential.

“We are fortunate that Mac and Joel built very functional facilities in both locations,” he added. “We have very nice facilities in terms of storage and production capacity.”

Another plus: Weaver said both locations came with “a great group of dedicated employees.”

“While there has been some turnover since we started,” he admitted, “most of the employees are really embracing the changes we are making and are happy to see the businesses grow.”

With this solid foundation to build from, Weaver set to work making improvements. Both facilities were completely cleaned, the warehouses were reorganized and old inventory was crushed. Both businesses got brand new logos, signage and landscaping. Weaver also updated the companies’ technology, implementing new inventory systems, new phone systems and new websites.

“I am focused on improving all of our processes in sales, inventory, purchasing and production,” he said. “This will allow us to grow at a much faster pace. We want to be a top-tier provider of quality parts in this market. Our goal is to be the largest and most progressive auto recycling facilities in Pinellas and Pasco Counties.”

Weaver said that while his father, Bill, is still actively involved at All Metal Auto Recycling in Virginia, he is not officially involved with the Florida facilities. He does occasionally lend a hand, however.

“He always likes to hear about our progress and comes down to visit his grandsons and check out the yards,” Weaver said. “He spent a couple weeks helping clean up when we first purchased the yards. Prior to starting our Virginia yard, he made his living organizing yards, so it was a big help to have him here in the beginning.”

All Metal Auto Recycling, which has a self-service facility along with full-service ferrous and non-ferrous metal recycling, will broker some parts from the Florida businesses.

“We are considering getting back into the full-service business at AMA, and if we do, there will be more opportunity to trade parts between the yards,” Weaver explained. “There is also the potential to combine non-ferrous scrap and cores among the three yards to sell in larger quantities.”

For now, Weaver said he is focused on the improvement and growth of the new yards and on spending a lot of time in the Florida sunshine.

“(My wife and I) both love to spend time on the water, and my passion outside of work and family is offshore fishing,” he said. “We have three boys that are six, four, and three, and we want to raise them in Florida and spend as much time outdoors as we can. We enjoyed our time in Virginia but are very happy to be back here.”

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