Fall 2016

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The marketing industry seems to come up with some new trend every couple of years. “Are you promoting online?” “Do you have a website?” You’re on Facebook right?” “You should promote on SnapChat.” The current buzz is omni-channel marketing.


In the mid 1950’s Art Frasik made the move from Chicago, Ill., to Middletown, Ohio, to start a car dealership. After a few years of selling cars, Art and his wife, Mary, started a family, and their son, Tony, recalled that his father had a good idea. “I just remember that he had this bright idea that he was going to open a salvage yard. So he bought some property and here we are.”


When R.D. Hopper accepts the presidential gavel in Baltimore in October, he’ll be given an official new title. But it’s not too much of a different role for Hopper, who owns Sonny’s Auto Salvage in Jacksonville, Ark.


Are you trapped in a vicious cycle of always trying to hire a new employee? You’re not alone. Many auto recyclers are saying they are having a hard time finding good employees that are willing to work.

Is It Time To Do The Heimlich Maneuver … On Your Inventory?

Do What? So you’re in a restaurant and the guy at the next table starts choking. What will you do? Hopefully, something. Hopefully, that something is the Heimlich maneuver. Hopefully, that guy at the next table gets to finish his dinner because of your quick action.

The P.A.R.T.

Colorado Auto & Parts has been in business since 1959 and Alice Corns has led the business her father founded for more than 30 years of that time. But, events during just 10 days in August have fulfilled more dreams for the company then Alice thought possible.


What is the secret to success in the auto recycling industry? At Erickson’s Auto Parts & Sales, it’s not complicated.
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