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Morgan Highway Auto Parts Serves Customers Near And Far

Bob Fiegleman incorporates comedy, e-commerce, artistic flair, organization and community service into his successful company, Morgan Highway Auto Parts.

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When Bob Fiegleman graduated with a business degree from Penn State, he had dreams of turning his passion for fun and laughter into a career as a comedian and writer. Instead, he founded Morgan Highway Auto Parts in Scranton, Pa. Would things have worked out differently if Bob’s dad had been in the entertainment business rather than the scrap business? Who knows? Thankfully the people of Scranton, as well as anyone with access to a phone or the Internet, can do business with Bob when they need to buy used auto parts and vehicles. And, if a customer is lucky enough to speak with Bob on the phone, they’re sure to get a couple of laughs too.

Bob founded Morgan Highway Auto Parts in its current location in 1977. “In those days I wore a lot of hats,” he said. “I did whatever had to be done.” Since then, Morgan Highway Auto Parts has grown, to which Bob credits his team of 10 employees for that. “I have a great workforce behind me.”

One member of that workforce is Morgan Highway’s General Manager, Bill Whyte. Whyte said he joined 
Morgan Highway Auto Parts in the mid ’80s as a part-time driver. “Next thing you know, I was behind a desk,” Whyte added.

Building The Business

The business’ first major improvement occurred in 1993 with the company built a new 15,800 square-foot building. Bob said it was then that Morgan Highway went fully-computerized, which enabled the business to improve its organization and ultimately better serve its customers.

Whyte explained that the expansion in 1993 was like “getting a whole new business.” He credited the computerization of Morgan Highway Auto Parts for allowing great advances in the company’s ability to be organized and efficient and stated, “you could really see a future for the business.”

Morgan Highway Auto Parts expanded again in 2003 with the addition of a metal recycling division. The scrap processing side allows the company to operate at every level of the end-of-life vehicle process and its customers have one more option to responsibly dispose of used autos, parts and scrap metals.

Onsite And Online Inventory

Morgan Highway Auto Parts operates on a large space, more than 55 acres. Bob said this allows him to better serve his customers as the company can keep a wide variety of vehicles on hand, 4,000 of them, including some that other facilities would crush. “We never crush anything old,” he said. Bob explained that he would hate to be the guy that crushed the last vehicle that might be just what a collector or hobbyist is looking for. “By keeping the older cars, you’re helping someone,” he added.

The space also allows the company to stock the area’s largest selection of late-model auto parts, a large selection of tires for every vehicle and operate a towing and road service within the Greater Scranton area.

Morgan Highway Auto Parts also sells its parts online. Tim Derkin, Morgan Highway’s “IT guy” joined the team in 2015 and created its eBay e-commerce division that has enabled Morgan Highway Auto Parts to open its doors to the nation.

“We offer nationwide shipping,” said Derkin, adding that online business now accounts for up to 30 percent of Morgan Highway’s overall sales. “We’re trying to grow as a business, and as the market changes, we adapt.”

Derkin pointed out that online sales seem to be the direction in which business is moving. “I find that a lot of people are turning to online sales. It’s a very competitive market in which we’re able to offer the customers their 
best value.”

In order to better serve the growing online market, Bob’s son Jordan established the business’ online presence with an extremely user-friendly website, 

He added drone footage of the facility that offers customers a near and far a view of Morgan Highway’s expansive and highly-organized yard. Bob’s fashion designer daughter, Lindsay, founder of Sticks and Stones Style, also made her mark on the site by contributing her artistic talents to create Morgan Highway’s logo.

Future Plans

Whyte said the goals of the company are to always improve what it can do for the customers. Organization is a top priority, so making more room in the yard for more inventory and putting up more racks to expand vertically, will enable Morgan Highway Auto Parts to go even further in meeting their customer’s needs. Whyte said that technology, such as the ability to take a picture and send it right from a phone, has further enabled them to easily find what customers are looking for. “We strive to always have everything ready to go,” he added.

Bob agreed that improvements in tech have made serving their customers easier. “We have 100 percent great ratings on eBay and one of the residuals of that is that it has made us so much more efficient. We are so much more organized which makes for happier customers and happier sales people.”

While technology may have improved Morgan Highway’s ability to help customers nationwide, Bob’s heart remains in Scranton serving the local customers as well as the community. Morgan Highway supports local Little League teams and their local fire department by donating cars for training.

Bob is grateful to his community and sums up Scranton simply. “It’s a nice small town.”

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