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Two Brothers Choose Auto Recycling

Cyrous Heidarian and Nosrat Heidarian rebuilt autos to get their medical degrees, but eventually opened auto recycling facilities.


While one might expect two auto recycling businesses only two miles apart to be in fierce competition with each other, that isn't the case with a couple of facilities in Canutillo, Texas.

Nosrat "Doc" Heidarian, owner of G & N Auto Recycling, LLC ( and Cyrous Heidarian, owner of El Paso Auto Salvage, ( are brothers and they are not in competition with each other. In fact, they fill in for each other whenever the other needs help.

"If there was no unity between the brothers, there would be no success in the businesses," said Nosrat, the youngest brother.

The Heidarians have worked together most of their lives. They started working with auto parts as young boys when they helped their father rebuild vehicles he bought from the U.S. Army. Later they rebuilt vehicles to pay their way through medical school in Des Moines, Iowa.

After helping Cyrous run an auto recycling facility in Oklahoma City, Okla., Nosrat moved to Canutillo in 1988 to concentrate on his career in the medical industry. Three years later, Cyrous followed Nosrat south, opening El Paso Auto Salvage in 1991.

"We made a conscious decision to remain together over the years," said Cyrous. "We live in the same neighborhood now and I can't think of any circumstance why that would ever change."

Although he was concentrating on his medical practice, Nosrat never fully withdrew from the auto recycling business. He would regularly shop online for vehicles to help Cyrous.

After watching Nosrat continue to invest his energy into the auto industry, his wife, Gia Heidarian, convinced him to open his own auto recycling facility.

Now in its second year, G & N Auto Recycling is thriving. Nosrat benefited from the assistance of his brother while setting up the business, and Gia has played a key role as well. She designed the office, hooked up the computer system and handles inventory and sales. The G & N in the business' name stands for Gia and Nosrat.

Nosrat still practices medicine, but now has to schedule his appointments during times when he's not in strong demand at G & N Auto Recycling. If he does need to tear himself away from the facility, his brother is only a couple of miles away.

Nosrat noted that Cyrous gave him crucial business advice, which led to his decision to specialize in late-model vehicles.

"I used to buy any car, but now I'm being [more] selective," he said. "That has made a big difference. I'm not wasting money on vehicles I don't need."

El Paso Auto Salvage specializes in imports, has a self-service facility and is a member of ARA.

Both Nosrat and Cyrous are considering expanding to keep up with their large volume of sales, and Nosrat insists the businesses will remain successful as long as the Heidarians continue to work together.

"Behind a successful business is a dedicated wife or partner that works toward the benefit of the company."

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