Spring 2013

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Blade Work

Some auto recycling pros spend more time with their saws than they do with their significant others. It is common for anyone in such a close relationship to experience a little friction once in a while. In the interest of maximizing the good times, we have prepared these steps so you can get the most from your saw.

Clunkers Redux

The Car Allowance Rebate System (CARS), the 2009 government program that gave consumers credit for trading in their old vehicles for something new, has recently made headlines that question the program’s environmental impact. The articles, appearing in early January 2013, claim CARS, commonly known as Cash For Clunkers, added to environmental waste because many of the nearly 700,000 vehicles taken off the road skipped auto recycling facilities and went straight to shredders instead. A vehicle that’s shredded, instead of recycled, creates 500 pounds of residue per ton of metal. The articles doubt the overall success of Cash For Clunkers based on these facts, yet those in the auto recycling industry have a different opinion.

New Generation

Casey Cornell didn’t plan to be in the auto recycling industry, despite the fact that his father was in the business. First, Casey had never worked at Cornell’s Used Auto Parts, LLC, in Greenfield Center, N.Y.; secondly, Duane Cornell encouraged his son to find a career other than auto recycling. But then, everything changed.

Hy Tech

Technological expertise and a love for cars drove Eric Sumpter to purchase Adopt A Part, a Denver auto recycling business with a unique focus. Adopt A Part is a full-service facility that specializes in import vehicles - with an emphasis on hybrids. It is the only recycling yard in the Denver area - and among just a few in the nation - to focus on hybrid vehicles.

Honest Success

Rick Ramirez, owner of Ramirez Auto Sales, in Oklahoma City, Okla., claimed 2012 was his best year ever, unlike so many auto recyclers who are still struggling financially. Ramirez is a rebuildable dealer focused on ready-to-go vehicles for dealer auction and late-model to seven-year-old imports. Rick Ramirez has been in the industry since he was a young boy. His father, Albert Ramirez, started the business in the early 1960s, and it has grown at its current location since 1967.

No Waste

Fuel reclamation, or reusing the fuel drained from salvaged vehicles, is a great idea for small auto recycling facilities. But, the more your business grows, the more fuel you amass, the more places you need to find to store it. That’s where a fuel recovery company, like Lamb Fuels, Inc., comes in. Lamb Fuels buys the fuel drained from vehicles, filters it, blends it with new, refined fuels and then sells it to end users.

15 Minutes With Jim McKinney

Ohio auto recyclers can breathe a sigh of relief - for now. They recently completed a two-year battle against state Senate Bill 273, which would create a host of problems by opening salvage auctions to unlicensed and unregulated in-state and out-of-state bidders. Fortunately for the Ohio auto recycling industry, the bill failed to pass during the most recent term. We sat down with Jim McKinney, general manager of Milliron Auto Parts, Inc. in Mansfield, Ohio, and president of the Ohio Auto Truck and Auto Recyclers (OATRA), to get the inside scoop.

Life Lessons

Auto recycling has come a long way since its early beginnings of selling scrap parts from the back of wagons. But even though many auto recyclers are now stewards for the environment, they still face hurdles from city, county and state regulations about business practices.

A Great Fifty Years

Jim Johannes has never been one to settle for the ordinary. As a college student in the early 1960s, he couldn’t find a job that offered a “bright future.” The only solution, he decided, was to start his own company. He’d done bodywork and rebuilding since high school, so the automotive industry seemed like a perfect fit. On the day he graduated with a business degree, he asked his father to co-sign a loan, and he purchased an old chicken farm in Jackson, Mo. Johannes Auto Sales was born.

Tax Laws Demystified

The passage of the American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 signaled the end of round one of the contentious battle within Congress to reduce the size of the federal deficit. While Congress failed to enact far-reaching legislation to materially reduce budget deficits, it did enough to put mandated spending cuts on hold for the immediate future and thwart an income tax hike on 99 percent of Americans. This hike was scheduled to occur upon the expiration of the 2001 and 2003 Bush tax cuts, avoiding for now the so-called “fiscal cliff.” It also set the stage for heated debate over the next few months as both parties in Congress try to advance their solutions to address the spending side of the equation.
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