Spring 2014

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What's Cookin'

Hi-Way Auto, Inc. caters to its customers - literally. The owners of the Brownwood, Texas company regularly host cookouts for their customers. Up to 300 people show up every other month to enjoy free, home-cooked food, such as pulled pork, chicken, or burgers.

Cars Star

The days at Hillside Salvage, LLC in Tigerton, Wis., can be hectic, and co-owner Lor’ell Rademacher admits that she occasionally wishes for a lifetime trip to a remote island. “But then I get real,” said the 12-year industry veteran. “This industry gets under your skin. It gets in your soul … I can honestly say that I cannot see myself doing anything else.”

Quick Pay

Credit card companies could change the way you handle business transactions. Visa and MasterCard both made announcements in February 2014 that they are endorsing Host Card Emulation or HCE software technology. This will allow customers to purchase goods and services by waving their smartphones near a contactless reader, instead of handing over their credit card.

Double Time

You might think that two recycling yards located 40 minutes apart would be natural competitors. But when they work together as seamlessly as Buckeye Auto Parts and Lancaster Auto Recycling, there are synergies rather than rivalries.

Better Than Ever

Barb and Marcus Weyandt, the husband-and-wife team behind Ace Auto Parts in St. Paul, Minn., have lived through every auto recycler’s worst nightmare. On a January day in 2005, the company’s dismantlers returned to work after their morning break, not realizing a gas tank had been leaking while they were away. One worker ignited a torch, creating a fireball that quickly engulfed the entire dismantling shop.

15 Minutes With Don Porter

As Executive Director of the United Recyclers Group (URG), Don Porter is at the helm of an organization making news. URG has taken some tough stances for auto recyclers in recent years, including opposing repairer mandates by insurance companies. Now that Porter has had his first year under his belt, we thought it a good time to check in.

Facebook Marketing

Social media has become a staple of marketing managers worldwide. It’s an easy, and quick, way to reach and engage customers. Plus, for the most part, it’s free. Create a Company Page on Facebook and you can technically reach its 1.23 billion monthly users. But, according to a study at Social@Ogilvy, in the near future those Company Page posts won’t organically reach the users that “Like” your page.

Eye On The Prize

Ask an auto recycler how he or she is doing and they usually reply with, “Busy.” Owners are constantly pulled in a multitude of directions - buying salvage, handling employees, moving vehicles, answering the phone, etc. It’s easy to lose sight of a company’s “big picture.” Counts Business Consulting (CBC, www.countsbusinessconsulting.com) has designed a solution to that problem, the CBCDashboard.

Cash Flow Crisis or Sales Slump

These days, slow sales seem to become a cash flow crisis rather quickly. After weathering the Great Recession, auto recycling businesses are still waiting for the sales volume to return to “normal” or at least predictable levels. New car sales are said to be back on track, which should in turn create an inventory of trade-ins, which should stimulate used car sales and thus force buyers to either scrap out project cars or seek used parts for repairs. But waiting for the trickledown effect can bring about a cash flow crisis. When researching solutions to the sales slump problem, the common denominator seems to be, (of course), reduce cost and increase sales; high school economics class all over again. But maybe a bit more innovation is required in the new millennium.
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