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CBCDashboard Helps Keep Owners Focused

Ask an auto recycler how he or she is doing and they usually reply with, “Busy.” Owners are constantly pulled in a multitude of directions - buying salvage, handling employees, moving vehicles, answering the phone, etc. It’s easy to lose sight of a company’s “big picture.” Counts Business Consulting (CBC, www.countsbusinessconsulting.com) has designed a solution to that problem, the CBCDashboard.

The CBCDashboard, unveiled at the Ontario Automotive Recyclers Association show in March 2014 and stateside at the URG show in April 2014, is a business management system that works with a yard’s inventory management system (IMS). It is an analytics tool that automatically pulls data from Pinnacle and, coming soon, Powerlink 2 and uses that information to create reports and graphs on every aspect of an organization.

“Before, we were oft en limited to four days a year in person with most of our customers with occasional phone calls, emails or extra on-site visits,” Robert Counts, co-owner CBC, explained. “While we would see progress at our meetings, we would also see problems arise that could have been eliminated earlier. Owners who are focused on multiple goals leaving a meeting would oft en become distracted by the day-to-day whirlwind of normal operations. With increasing demands placed on owners and managers’ time and attention, we wanted to find a way to help focus on the Key Performance Indicators that have the greatest impact on profitability.”

The CBCDashboard uses IMS information, combined with CBC formulas, to produce numbers such as adjusted overhead per vehicle, days to break even and change in inventory value. It has two tiers of data to view, KPI graphs and reports. The KPI graphs examine the most important numbers while the reports go in-depth. The information given in the reports includes: personnel, buying, inventory, income, sales activity, operations and financials.

“Th is tool allows us greater contact and more data points for the recyclers we work with to make sure that they stay on track toward achieving their goals, to recognize problems in their operations earlier so they do not restrict or delay future growth,” Counts added. “Not only does CBCDashboard allow users access to greater depth of information, it makes it easier to access data in your IMS because it is all located in one place.”

The information is centralized on the website, www.cbcdashboard.com. Users can login from any Internet-enabled device, i.e. desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. The program allows as many users as a company sees necessary and can limit permissions for users. Counts explained that if you want your production manager to monitor inventory and operations, without access to financial or wage information, you can do that. If you want to restrict who can input or alter information, you can do that too. The CBCDashboard costs $3,000 per year. Counts said it has been well received by auto recyclers so far.

“At CBCDashboard, we take your data seriously. It’s our business. It’s our lifeblood. It’s your data. We promise to never sell or share your individual data. It’s in our user agreement,” said Counts. “Our mission is to provide you with centralized, simplified and analyzed data at your fingertips wherever you are. We want you to spend less time sifting through your past, so you can spend time planning your future. Stop working in your business. Start working on your business.”

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