PartCycle Generates Sales, Not Leads

Have you ever heard the idiom, “It’s like putting a square peg in a round hole?” That’s exactly how most automotive technology works for the auto recycling industry. Software programs, like eBay, don’t quite work the same way for auto recyclers as they do for others in the industry. Auto recyclers have different standards, like damage codes and parts grading, that force them to make their inventory “work” in these programs. But that could all be a thing of the past.

Andy Alonso and Brandon Gillis are working on an Internet marketplace solution, named PartCycle, that was created just for auto recyclers.

“Unlike eBay we will provide recyclers, remanufacturers and dismantlers a full range of solutions to support the way their business works including: intelligent inventory import and management from many different yard management systems, the ability to add and track more relevant information about each part in their inventory and analytical data to help them understand which parts they should be selling and how they can sell more parts at higher margins,” stated Gillis.

Gillis and Alonso have made careers for themselves in technology, but are gearheads at heart. “We have both owned numerous project cars and have always done the repairs ourselves,” explained Gillis. “We have experienced firsthand how hard it can be to fi nd the right part and we decided to apply our technology talents to help suppliers easily get their parts to the people who want to buy them.” The duo is based in Florence, Ala., their home state. And, along with relying on their own experiences and expertise, they have sought the advice of a network of auto recyclers they’ve called their beta recyclers, some in their own area, others from different parts of the country. The input has helped them shape PartCycle to truly work for auto recyclers.

One issue that will be addressed is returns. Gillis and Alonso said processes and policies will be in place, like the return process, that will tailor to the auto recycling industry to help cut down on the customer service issues recyclers have to deal with. Cost-wise, PartCycle will also outmatch eBay, according to Gillis. “With eBay it can be very hard to understand the true cost of selling a part,” he stated. “In our opinion, the fee which eBay charges is very high and is almost impossible to understand. Our pricing is very straightforward - suppliers only pay one flat fee upon the sale of a part and it will be lower than eBay.” will openly feature the fees so recyclers, or the software’s suppliers, can know its exact cost.

The most important thing for auto recyclers to know is PartCycle will generate sales, not just leads. Think of it as an Amazon for used auto parts. Recyclers add their inventory, either directly or through yard management system (YMS) integration. Once a part is sold the auto recycler receives a notification with the order information. The auto recycler ships the order and payment is sent to his or her bank account. “We are different than many other solutions out there because we are delivering a sale and not just a lead,” Gillis stressed. “Suppliers will be selling parts without ever picking up the phone.” will be completely cloud-based. Th at means no hardware or soft ware for auto recyclers to maintain. The interface is modern and straightforward, according to the duo. Having a virtual system means bugs can be addressed instantly and new features can be added with any upgrade investments or support phone calls.

As to whether Hollander’s interchange will be used, that’s still undecided. Both Gillis and Alonso agree that it may not be necessary for their program. “Ultimately it will be up to our suppliers, if they need it, we will provide it.” is still in the beta phase, but the developers hope to launch it by Fall 2015. “We are currently recruiting more progressive recyclers who want to have a say in how the marketplace looks and feels,” said Gillis. “Recyclers with an interest in becoming a PartCycle Beta Supplier should visit our site to review the program,”

Once PartCycle launches, the Gillis and Alonso plan to market it on digital marketing channels (Google, Facebook and YouTube), popular trade publications and through search engine optimization and AdSense.

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