Spring 2016

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Fire Starter

Fires are commonplace in the auto recycling industry. Local news affiliates reported fires at facilities in Arizona, Illinois, Indiana, Oklahoma and Texas in February 2016 alone … and this list is far from complete. It’s not if a fire could happen, but when.

Close Proximity

An auto recycling facility may not be the first business one thinks of when imagining the Twin Cities Metro area. But, a facility that continues to grow and thrive, offers a lifetime warranty on most of its parts, and is a valued member of its community, is what you’ll find at A-Abco Fridley Auto Parts.

Go Green

It’s not easy being green. But Chris Sargent will tell you it is very worthwhile. The owner of Hwy. 62 Auto Salvage & Sales, Inc. (www.62autoparts.com) in Fayetteville, Ark., prides himself on running a green business in an industry that naturally is built on the recycle / re-use mindset.

Technology And Analytics

We as auto recyclers have more technology available to us now than ever before, and technology and analytics are great tools, if used and interpreted properly. While we now have more technology, we have less information available to us to make informed, good decisions. For analytics to be truly effective, the supporting data must be accurate and complete. This is the biggest threat and problem facing auto recyclers now, and in the future, for our industry.

Kramer's Auto

Having three different parts of a business is a decided advantage, according to Lisa Bartz of Kramer’s Auto Parts & Iron Co., Inc. in Grand Island, Neb. “When one slows down, the others keep you busy!”

Like New

The story of Allgeier Auto Parts, Inc., can be told in “before” and “after” photos. During the “before” era - the years prior to 2007 - the Cincinnati, Ohio yard was a typical “junkyard,” said Manager Kevin Walsh. “Everything was just scattered everywhere,” he said. “It was a muddy, farmer’s field. There was no sense of order with any of the cars.” After a major cleanup and organization, which started in 2007 and is still ongoing, the yard has been completely transformed.
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