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New Advertising Tool For ARA Members

The ARA executive committee recently agreed that American auto recyclers need more environmentally-friendly representation, so it looked to a successful green Canadian program.

Green Recycled Parts - a marketing initiative available exclusively to ARA members - is modeled after a similar program (Green Parts) created by the Ontario Automotive Recyclers Association's (

"The idea of helping [recyclers] with public relations has been around, and we wanted to build on what OARA did," explained ARA CEO Michael Wilson. "We couldn't trademark 'Green Parts,' because it was already taken, but we do use the program's wrench."

There are no additional fees for ARA members to join Green Recycled Parts (, and acceptance into the program requires the same compliance to federal, state and local environmental codes that are already requisite for ARA ( with headquarters in Manassas, Va.

The program's marketing tools include logos and videos members can post on their web sites. Radio spots will be available soon.

The videos are the same as OARA's Green Parts program, but voiced over with an American accent. ARA also added an option that allows members to personalize their videos.

Waterloo Auto Parts, Inc. in Waterloo, Iowa, posted the Green Recycled Parts logo on its web page (

"For us, it's beneficial as an advertising tool," said Jeremy Heidemann, who works in sales and advertising. "It shows we are committed to keeping green standards and following ARA's Gold Seal standards. It draws green-conscious consumers."

There are currently around 250 auto-recycling facilities on board with Green Recycled Parts.

ARA is running a discounted membership fee to attract additional members, noted Wilson, in hopes they will also choose to join Green Recycled Parts. The special is for auto-recycling facilities that operate more than one location, but do not have a corporate office. The membership fee to join ARA, for a regular, branch location, is $375 per year and $295 for each additional facility the first year.

"We want to increase membership so we have more numbers to represent auto recyclers when it comes to voicing our concerns about legislation that affects our industry," added Wilson.

Another marketing tool that benefits Green Recycled Parts members is a ZIP code database. Individuals who visit the program's web site can access the database, type in a ZIP code, and the site returns a list of all members in the customer's area.

Wilson heads the ARA oversight committee for Green Recycled Parts. Since the program is little more than a month old, the committee continues to entertain ideas on how to maximize its marketing tools. It is currently evaluating which options will help consumers contact Green Recycled Parts' auto recyclers.

"It will take a couple months to ramp up," said Wilson. "We'll continue to evaluate everything until we can give consumers specifically what they're looking for."

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