Many Hands

Hyrum Boone's 16 Children Help Business Succeed

From Left To Right: Dale Boone, James Boone, Hyrum Boone, Todd Boone, Legrand Boone & Rupp Boone.



Hyrum Boone has been fascinated with auto recycling his entire life. He even wrote a 10th grade English paper on the topic. 

“It was on taking something of limited value and converting it into something useful,” he said. “That is what I wanted to do.”

When Hyrum got at an opportunity to buy an auto recycling facility, he took it. The place was Intermountain Supply in Rigby, Idaho, and as Hyrum explained, he was so poor that he couldn’t change the sign much. So in December 1991, it became Intermountain Auto Recycling. 

He was 43, but it wasn’t his first venture into the industry. Hyrum grew up around Union Motors, a used car lot that introduced him to his future career. He also worked for Holst Truck Parts, Dale’s Auto and Marler’s Auto Supply Company.

“The business, in Hyrum’s mind, was much more. It was a place for his family to work and function together,” the official company history stated. Hyrum and wife Ramona have 16 children who helped out as soon as they were old enough.

“They came over after school to pick up garbage or get batteries. People tell me you can’t always hire good help,” Hyrum joked, “but you can raise it.”

As the children grew, and graduated from the local school, Brigham Young University, many naturally migrated into the family business. Currently, Hyrum’s five oldest sons - Rupp Boone, Todd Boone, Dale Boone, Legrand Boone and James Boone - work full-time. Other children and some of the 33 grandchildren help out seasonally and part-time.

Family is the key to the business’ success. Hyrum’s brother Michael and his family constructed multiple steel buildings on the property. The family also built a new office and a modernized dismantling bay.

“We needed to get the fluids under control, so there would be no spills, no environmental challenges,” said Hyrum. “Now all fluids are captured. We process antifreeze and sell it. We use other fluids for heat sources. One of our competitors liked the set-up so much that he had us build him a dismantling bay.”

The environmental focus earned Intermountain Auto Recycling the “Pollution Prevention Champion” award for the company’s second facility in Salmon, Idaho from the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality. 

Hyrum officially retired on January 1, 2012. His sons took roles based on their preferences and strengths.

“We had unofficial titles and responsibilities,” noted Dale, general manager. “But a few years back, we decided to get things organized. It’s more like a committee than a pecking order. We don’t make any major decisions unless we’re in agreement.”

“So many of them have business degrees, and it’s much more organized than when I was running it,” said Hyrum proudly.

The brothers have a brief morning meeting daily and longer weekly planning meeting. 

“I get to work with the people who care the most about me and the people I care most about,” added Dale. “To be around them every day is just great.”

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