Far Reaching Success

Close Involvement For Far-Reaching Success

Junior and Jane Sinn, along with their son Corey Sinn, strive to make sure their business has the best customer service and the best work environment.

Photo: Cheekwood Studio & Photo Booths

After 34 years in the auto recycling industry, Junior Sinn decided to start his own business and was soon joined by his wife, Jane Sinn, and their son, Corey Sinn. Junior Sinn Auto Parts opened in 2000, in a workshop behind the family home. After 13 years, the business has grown to 23 employees in two buildings, with a salvage yard spreading on 20 acres of their family farm. The business specializes in half-ton and three-quarter- ton trucks, and is adding more late-model auto parts to meet demand.

Junior Sinn Auto Parts is located in rural Cape Girardeau, Mo., but boasts an unusually wide radius of 100 miles for deliveries, ensuring satisfied customers in a large part of southeast Missouri. Three drivers run ten routes weekly, plus daily routes to businesses in the city to maintain fast service.

“Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We have quality auto parts at the lowest prices,” said Corey. The Sinn family attributes their success to staying involved in the day-to-day aspects of the business, with a focus on customers, employees and community. The work atmosphere is cheerful, and they try to stay a step above the competition in quality and service.

Corey explained, “We take great pride in belonging to organizations such as ARA (Automotive Recyclers Association) and URG (United Recyclers Group) because we learn so much and it enables us to raise our business to a higher level. It’s great to have guidelines and rules that every member must follow to maketheir yards stand out above the rest. We are proud to be part of the Team PRP network which gives us the opportunity to fill our customers’ orders by expanding our inventory.”

Junior Sinn Auto Parts also expands - as with an upcoming wash bay - and tweaks the facilities - such as when they relocated the shipping and receiving area - to ensure not only satisfied customers, but happy and productive employees. “We are constantly looking forward to making the best work environment for our employees,” Corey said.

The Sinn family also uses the business to invest in their Cape Girardeau community. They donate vehicles to local high schools for education on drinking and driving, and to fire departments for Jaws of Life training.

“We are committed to donating vehicles to local high schools because it makes a realistic experience when young drivers can see the results of drinking and driving. If we can reach one student that changes their behavior from a demonstration, we’ve served our purpose. We are happy to contribute our vehicles to training purposes that may save lives,” Corey explained.

The logistics of customer, employee, and community service are effects of the Sinn family’s driving philosophy, as Corey stated: “[We] believe that how the company behaves, reflects the family’s personal integrity."


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