Summer 2015

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Value Of Education

Business owners intuitively understand the value of a skilled employee, yet many companies fail to realize the benefits that training can make in an organization. Worse, leaders underestimate the high cost of not training.

A Growing Game

The Internet has come a long way in 20 years. Back in the early days, users didn’t mind waiting for a dial-up connection to slowly … very slowly, load a page. Today, that’s unheard of. It is also rare, and frustrating, to come across a website that isn’t mobile friendly. There are 2.8 billion Internet users and most of them prefer to browse on their mobile devices, i.e. by smartphones and laptops. There is a direct connection between increased mobile use and an increase in mobile advertising.

Forget Green

The automotive recycling industry has been talking about going “green” for years. We’ve all read about the benefits of marketing our parts as “green” and we’ve sat in on the seemingly endless number of sessions at our trade shows telling us to use the word on our websites and marketing materials.

Room To Grow

The need to innovate within the auto recycling industry has never been higher. Unfortunately, there are many reasons to resist change; especially if you have been successful. It is too easy to look at your business and fall into the comfort of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” At that point, inertia becomes a powerful force. If you do not actively seek to grow and improve, you run the very real risk of letting your competitors get ahead of us.

Strength In Numbers

What would cause eight industry-leading, successful, auto recycling companies to join together and form a new conglomerate? It is the love of auto recycling and the ability to enhance the experience for their customers.

Big Decision

Do you have some of those customers that no matter what you send them, the part doesn’t meet their expectations? They’ll call you and ask for a replacement part or they’ll want money off, claiming the part has damage. It might be in the company’s best interest to “fire” that customer.
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