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The Game-Changing Solution To Selling Your Parts Online

For over two years we’ve been interviewing professional recyclers, dismantlers, remanufacturers, software providers, professional mechanics, insurance claims adjustors and consumers to help us shape the future of buying and selling recycled and remanufactured auto parts. Today, we are incredibly excited to announce the launch of the PartCycle Marketplace (

Since I began working in this industry, over three years ago, I haven’t stopped marveling at how hard professional recyclers work. The best ones are constantly tweaking their business, subscribing to new solutions and doing everything in their power to bolster their brand, protect the environment and put their name in front of more potential customers.

Also amazing is just how hard people are working to find and buy recycled parts. Over and over again we’ve been told by mechanics, adjusters, body shops and consumers that they struggle to find the used parts they’re looking for. They tell us that the experience of finding and buying the parts they need can be so confusing, cumbersome and time consuming, that they often abandon the search and resort to buying new or aftermarket parts.

PartCycle is a completely custom e-commerce marketplace built specifically to connect people who have recycled parts for sale to those who want to buy them. It’s familiar, simple to use and tuned explicitly to the recycled auto parts industry.

For professional auto recyclers, who we call suppliers, it’s incredibly easy to list parts online, manage inventory, fulfill orders and manage the sale. We collaborated with over 25 professional auto recyclers from around the country for more than a year to ensure each piece of technology we built into the PartCycle Marketplace gives them the tools and information they need to spend less time chasing leads and more time selling parts.

For buyers, it’s never been easier to identify the part they need and connect with a supplier they can trust. PartCycle empowers buyers to find exactly what they need from a network of suppliers all over the United States and make a purchase within minutes without ever picking up the phone.

It’s Simple

Existing e-commerce solutions require auto recyclers to consume countless hours managing a variety of tools, or answering phone calls from online lead generation services.

PartCycle makes it easy:

  • It takes less than 30 minutes for suppliers to go from initial sign-up to parts available for sale.
  • Inventory is imported automatically from any of the three major yard management systems, so suppliers don’t have to list parts individually.
  • Parts sold over-the-counter are automatically removed from the PartCycle marketplace with every inventory sync.
  • Managing images, prices, descriptions or other details is done directly inside the marketplace, so no additional tools are necessary.
  • When an order is placed, details are available through email and an order management interface that includes shipping specifics, contact information and information about returns.
  • There are no listing fees, recurring licenses or payment processing fees. Suppliers pay one simple fee at the time of a sale and the fee is the same no matter what part is sold.

It’s Straightforward

We’ve made the process of signing-up and doing business on PartCycle incredibly straightforward.

  • Suppliers simply go to and click on “Sell Parts”
  • Here they can fill out the form to create an account and tell us about their company
  • We’ll then schedule a time to install the inventory sync tool (which takes less than 20 minutes)
  • Suppliers then set their locations and that’s it! Their parts will be made available to buyers all over the United States.

It’s Sophisticated, But You Wouldn’t Know It

The PartCycle Marketplace looks and feels simple but it’s built upon some of the world’s most advanced technology platforms. It’s this technology that allows us to quickly release new features and provide the functionality our suppliers need to maximize sales, all while maintaining a fast, secure and stable environment.

We’ve also made sure to include the technologies and concepts that drive e-commerce all over the web:

  • Each page is carefully tuned for search engine optimization.
  • The entire marketplace works across all devices and is dynamically adjusted to look and feel great whether you’re on a phone, tablet or desktop.
  • We’ve built hooks into the most important pages so we can drive buyers from social networks, Google Adwords, YouTube and other online advertising platforms.
  • All of our technology is cloud based which keeps it fast, secure and highly scalable.

It’s Time To Get Started

We’re excited to launch the PartCycle Marketplace and give suppliers a complete solution that will increase sales, raise margins and reduce the amount of time they spend managing tools and chasing leads. The world has been using the Internet to find and buy everything from diapers to houses, it’s about time they used it to find and buy recycled auto parts. It’s time for PartCycle.

If you would like to sell with us, please visit and click on “Sell Parts” to get started. We can’t wait to go into business with you!

Brandon Gillis is a managing partner for PartCycle - Auto Parts Marketplace.

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