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Get More Out Of Sharing Video On Social Media

There is more emphasis on using video in social media than ever before. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have all recently released live video streaming capabilities. According to, 45 percent of people watch videos for more than an hour on Facebook and YouTube each week; 87 percent of online marketers use video content; and video shares on tablets and phones went from 15 percent in 2013 to nearly 50 percent in 2016. But, according to, not all video content is the same.

The online in-bound marketing company shared several tips for creating successful videos for Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.



According to Facebook, more than four billion video views happen every day. Its Facebook Live broadcasts have grown more than four times in the past year, so much so, that now one in five Facebook videos is a Live broadcast. shared three tips for creating video on Facebook.

  1. Ask yourself if viewers will watch the entire video. According to, the best videos capture attention within the first three seconds and while there are no time limits for video, the Facebook algorithm rewards content that viewers watch in its entirety and share or comment on it.
  2. Video should work with the sound off. Up to 85 percent of viewers watch on mute, according to
  3. Videos that autoplay in the newsfeed receive 186 percent more engagement than those shared via a posted link. Facebook recommends users upload their video directly, instead of just sharing a video link. It also recently enabled closed caption capabilities.



Video views on Twitter have grown 220 times what they were just 12 months ago, according to Adobe Spark. What’s more is 90 percent of Twitter video views are on mobile devices. shared three tips for sharing video on Twitter, which are similar to Facebook:

  1. Keep the video short. The max video length is only 140 seconds for imported content.
  2. Catch viewers early. As is with Facebook, a video should grab a viewer’s attention in the first three seconds.
  3. Take advantage of autoplay. suggests uploading videos natively to Twitter to ensure an autoplay in the newsfeed, similarly to Facebook.



YouTube is the original social platform for video. It has more than one billion users. Unlike Facebook or Twitter, YouTube doesn’t have a newsfeed; so users need to search for the video they want to see. recommends making sure your YouTube videos support your overall SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy. Use the same keywords in your video that you use for your website. Create video content that is exactly what customers would Google search for. shared these video tips for posting on YouTube:

  1. Short videos are king, but long form is becoming more popular. YouTube videos are limited to 15 minutes, unless your account is verified, and once that occurs, videos can be extended. You can share an hour-long training video, for example.
  2. Skip the intro. Don’t waste time with a long intro and get right to the content to improve viewer retention, according to
  3. Add captions. YouTube has a built-in caption generator that can create subtitles for your video.
  4. Use metadata fields. Add keyword-strong titles and descriptions and use YouTube’s keyword fields to improve search ranking, according to Also, the company recommends adding a bio, tagline and website link in the description field.
  5. Add YouTube channel art. also suggests adding a YouTube video cover and thumbnail as additional branding opportunities.

Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or any of the other social media platforms, video will play a big role in how you reach customers today and in the future.

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