Norman Wright, Stadium Auto & Truck Parts, Inc., Colorado


In July 2009, anyone across the country who read the news got a good look at what professional auto recyclers thought about the proposed Cash for Clunkers legislation. A picture of Norman Wright, owner of Stadium Auto & Truck Parts, Inc., in Denver, Colo., appeared on as part of an Associated Press article, "Auto Recyclers Leery Of Cash For Clunkers." The article quoted Wright's dislike of the legislation because it depletes the source of reliable, used vehicles and parts, thus raising future prices.

Wright is no stranger to being on the frontline of political issues, like the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS), that affect the auto recycling industry. He is the chair of ARA's government affairs committee plus an active member of the Colorado Automotive Recyclers (CAR) association. He keeps current on bill activity in both the national and state legislatures, and addresses local municipalities about auto recycling.

"I know he has been involved in ARA for more than 30 years and has had valued input and participation concerning legislative activities," said John Hochmiller, Active Truck Sales & Parts, Inc., Hudson, Colo. "He has been exceptionally influential on the state level as he has spearheaded many negotiations with state agencies. He truly is a savior for the industry. His knowledge comes from his lifelong involvement in the industry."

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