Most Influential Overall

Shannon Nordstrom, Nordstrom's Automotive, Inc., South Dakota


Tune in and tune up. Shannon Nordstrom is about to give you some vehicle advice. As co-host of the nationally-syndicated Under The Hood radio show, and president of his family business, Nordstrom's Automotive, Inc., he has been a voice for the auto recycling industry since 1990.

"Shannon continues to promote the industry through the show," said Russ "The Super Tech" Evans, Under The Hood co-host and manager at Nordstrom's Automotive ( "He and I will help people with advice on repairs and guidance on in-shop repairs. We'll inform them that recycled parts are a very good idea and why."

If hosting a national talk show were all Shannon did to promote the auto recycling industry, it would be substantial. But he doesn't stop there. Shannon was Locator UpFront's most influential networker of 2005, man of 2007 and diversifier of 2009. He is the ARA CAR committee chair and a member of the electronic commerce and Gold Seal committees.

"Shannon eats and breathes auto recycling," said Paul Carter, operations manager at Olston's Auto Recyclers in Lincoln, Neb. ( "It's just what he does and he does it well."

Shannon's knowledge is a result of growing up in the industry. His parents, Art and Marie Nordstrom converted their Garretson, S.D. farm into a full-service auto recycling facility in 1969. Today, as owner, Shannon oversees it all.

"Working with Shannon has helped me grow personally," said Evans. "He leads by example ... an example that I am proud to follow."

"I have watched his company grow over the past few years and it is clear to me his entrepreneurial spirit is the driving force behind the success of Nordstrom's Automotive," said David Gold, co-owner of Standard Auto Wreckers in Toronto, Canada (

"Shannon knows the nuances associated with used auto parts and he takes the time to ask questions and get to the bottom of the situation," Gold added. "He is an overall champion for our cause."

"Shannon is not hesitant to share his insight and enthusiasm," Carter said. "He doesn't see other recyclers as competitors but rather as working together toward the same goals."

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