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Jeff Buchanan Ready To Represent SCADA

Having already spent a significant time in the position, BW Auto Dismantlers' Jeff Buchanan is ready for the SCADA presidency.


Ted Smith, past president of the State of California Auto Dismantlers Association (SCADA1.com) and owner of three auto-recycling facilities in California, including Hillside Truck & Auto Recyclers in Riverside (HillsideAutoSalvage.com), was in a life threatening motorcycle accident during the spring of 2010. When Smith's injuries rendered him unable to continue his SCADA role, the association needed a substitute.

Enter Jeff Buchanan, then vice president of the association. While someone might assume that the SCADA vice president would take the role, Buchanan could have turned it down.

"I had been an officer for five years," explained Buchanan. "Once you're at that level, you're prepared. And I felt it was my duty."

Buchanan is no stranger to being a last minute successor. When his father Dee Buchanan died of cancer just months after Buchanan's high school graduation, he chose to step in and run his dad's auto-recycling business in Roseville, Calif.

"I had grown up around the business, but had never taken the responsibilities or duties seriously until then," said Buchanan.

Fortunately, neighboring auto recyclers Jack and Jean Duncan - from J & W Auto Wreckers, Inc. (JWJeep.com) in Antelope, Calif. - supported Buchanan, helping him run BW Auto Dismantlers.

"They taught me about stormwater discharge, how to hire people and about running a business," remembered Buchanan.

At the time of the transition, the business specialized in Volkswagen vehicles only. But Buchanan computerized BW Auto Dismantlers' (BWAutoDismantlers.com) inventory and got involved with Team PRP West.

"We decided that we had to expand our horizons, so we began dismantling all makes and models," he explained. "This was a natural progression with our involvement with Team PRP West (PRPWest.com)."

With Buchanan's official term as SCADA president beginning Jan. 1 2012, he hopes to utilize the role to improve conditions for auto recyclers in California. This includes helping to protect themselves from third party lawsuits.

"California recyclers are required to complete an annual report of stormwater runoff management practices," said Buchanan. "Attorneys take this knowledge and use it against our facilities as it relates to stormwater sampling and the unobtainable numeric effluent limits set forth via the Clean Water Act. Facilities have been served with frivolous lawsuits. This has to stop."

SCADA treasurer Ed Mason, who owns Bauer's Auto Wrecking (BauersAutoWrecking.com) in Fresno, Calif., shares Buchanan's lawsuit concerns.

"The biggest issue we're facing is with the stormwater permits, and Jeff's in a good location to attend a lot of those legislative meetings," he said.

"Jeff has been a tremendous help over the past two years, taking over whenever Ted Smith was unavailable," said SCADA executive director Martha Cowell. "He watches and listens to the people around him."

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