Blalock Helps Auto Recyclers Build Associations

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When Sandy Blalock assumed the ARA presidency in 2007 she told the Locator UpFront that her goal was to be a leader that promoted and represented the industry well. Blalock didn’t leave that ideology behind with her presidential term. Instead, she continues to work for the industry by helping auto recyclers develop strong state associations through her newest venture, Blalock consulting. She started the company in May 2011 with the main objective to work with the industry to develop strategic programs for growth, stability and profitability for recyclers.

“During my time on the executive committee, I noticed that there is a diverse difference between states, provinces and other regions when they are supported by a strong association,” Blalock said. “Recyclers must focus on growing and building their businesses and when they do not have the support of strong affiliate and national organizations they tend to struggle to deal with things that associations should be handling on their behalf.”

Blalock has consulted with five states, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon and Utah to help the auto recyclers there create business partners and build relationships with their state licensing organizations.

Blalock said she has goals for each state that she represents:

• To research and identify the operating auto recycling facilities and the decision makers within those facilities.

• To research and compile information regarding licensing guidelines, regulatory oversight by agencies such as environmental, zoning, fire marshal, motor vehicles, etc.

• To set up meetings with auto recyclers to discuss benefits of strong state association and regional alliance programs to gain input as to what the auto recyclers expect and need from a state association.

• To set up meetings with licensing agencies and other regulators to make sure their needs and concerns are included into all programs developed for the association. The agencies are asked to be partners in the process and to assist in putting together a state association certification program.

• To meet with the auto recyclers to discuss a revamped association program that will include reasonable and acceptable certification standards based on sound industry knowledge and practices.

• To develop a functional web site for the new association that will improve communications between auto recyclers, partners and the community.

• To create a grassroots network within the association to support the industry’s legislative agenda, as well as advance the association’s legislative interests.

• To establish media contacts to promote and advance positive messages regarding the auto recycling industry.

• To create regional alliances that support states in a region.

“We are faced with so much regulatory oversight now that the legitimate recycler spends hundreds and sometimes thousands just to comply not to be mention they are often the only target of oversight,” stated Blalock. “By working with local agencies and governments, they can make sure to maintain a good working relationship built on trust and understanding. We have to make sure those laws and regulations are fair and enforced not just on the legitimate recycler but anyone engaged in the same industry legally or not.”

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