Under The Hood Reaches 97 Markets

Russ Evans, Chris Carter and Shannon Nordstrom host the weekly Under The Hood Show, which broadcasts across the United States.

Under The Hood Show


The Under The Hood Show has been going strong for 22 years. The weekly radio broadcast, created by the Nordstrom family of Nordstrom’s Automotive, Inc., in Garretson, S.D., and hosted by the Motor Medics Shannon Nordstrom and Russ “The Super Tech” Evans along with radio personality Chris Carter, advises listeners on vehicle problems. It’s entertaining format has caught on with stations nationwide.

In 2007 the program had 11 stations, a decent following. But its growth really got a jump start four years ago when listener Vic Jacquot walked into Nordstrom’s repair shop and offered to spread the word to radio stations during his business travels. The show now airs in 97 markets with more than 100 broadcasts nationwide.

“Vic came along and spread the word,” said Evans. “The second year we were up to 23 stations. I thought, if he can do it this is my show and I can do it too. So I got on the phone and called people. The next year Vic added his stations and I added mine and we doubled that number. The next year we did it again.”

The show’s success can be attributed to its quality format and that Nordstrom and Evans handle all of the syndication.

“We realized the people we want to model ourselves after have their own network,” Evans explained. “As long as we have that, we control the content of our show 100 percent, the commercials and how we treat the affiliates. We treat them with respect, are nice to them and know them on a personal level.”

The Under The Hood Show is also a steward for the auto recycling industry.

“In our market, we’ve been able to really educate our regional market about the opportunity for auto recyclers,” said Nordstrom. “What we’ve done is made ourselves relevant in our automotive community and because of that fact, it gives us credibility.”

Part of that comes from the honest answers Nordstrom and Evans provide as to which part will work best, whether it is new, used or aftermarket.

“As I answered questions, I didn’t tell everyone to run out and get a used part, but I wasn’t afraid to educate them about the opportunity to use a used part and help them understand the auto recycling industry,” explained Nordstrom.

The show is not an infomercial for Nordstrom’s Automotive either. It doesn’t plug the business, but rather advise listeners to use recycled parts when they can. It’s a network-quality talk show that is recycler-friendly and it’s a platform Nordstrom thinks can help other auto recyclers as well.

“If you have a market in your area, or know someone you advertise with now, what better than to convince that station to look at the show?” asked Nordstrom. “Tell them you’ll bring it in and be a sponsor. It doesn’t take a lot of money.”

To hear previous broadcasts of the Under The Hood Show, go to UnderTheHoodShow.com. A demo of the show can also be found, as well as how to contact Nordstrom or Evans, who have no desire to slow down in the future.

“Our goal within the next five years is to get past 500 stations,” said Evans. “Our philosophy is work hard, be nice to people and never give up. As long as we do that, we move forward.”

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