Winter 2014

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You have to be living under a rock to not notice all the changes that are being seen with mobile phones and digital connectivity. Smart phones and tablets are quickly becoming the vehicle of choice for many on the information highway.


People in the United States are on-the-go. They are not content to remain “plugged in” when using the Internet. Consumers with smart phones, and other mobile devices, use them, rather than PCs or laptops, to perform more than half of their Internet searches, according to the Pew Research Center (


Hiring and inspiring Generation Y is a challenge for most salvage yard managers. Often referred to as the Millennial Generation, this group is currently 15 - 30 years old and is known for social media-inspired narcissism and entitlement. Many “Gen Ys” are living in their mom’s basement, have serious credit card debt and are casual to a fault. These millennials are outspoken and they question everything. You may read these disparaging traits and wonder where the future of our industry is going, but I’m actually excited about hiring millennials into my work force.


The owners of Futrill Auto Parts, Inc. have seen the auto recycling industry change a great deal since the company’s founding in 1957, but their philosophy is the same: Keep it simple.


It’s the little things that make the difference, noted Ralph “RJ” Ford. And it’s those same “little things” that have propelled Ford & Sons Auto Salvage, Inc. even through challenging times.


The Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA) president’s gavel recently passed from Chris Wright, president of Capital Auto Parts, Inc. in Thomasville, Ga., to Ed MacDonald, owner of Maritime Auto Parts in Debert, Nova Scotia. Aside from receiving a new president, the ARA executive committee also welcomes a new member, one who’s slated to take the reins in four years. RD Hopper of Sonny’s Auto Salvage in Jacksonville, Ark., is applying his experience and enthusiasm in his new role as Secretary on the ARA Executive Committee. As Secretary, Hopper is positioned to become Second Vice President, First Vice President and then President.


Last Memorial Day weekend, cars lined the streets outside All-N-1 U Pull and Metal Recycling (All-N-1), and crowds of customers waited at the gates, eager for their first look at the new company in Kansas City, Mo.


The 2014 legislative session just kicked off for more than 20 states and bills harmful to the auto recycling industry are already on agendas. ARA and the auto recycling community continually fight bills like salvage procurement across the United States and Alabama is no exception.


Greg Duncan knows that if he can keep his employees out by the cars, instead of running back and forth to their desks, the business will be more efficient. And that translates to a better bottom line. That’s the idea behind the wireless connection at Tennessee Auto Salvage, which allows employees to log in to their desk computers from a portable device.


A post office rates raise is almost as guaranteed as receiving your mail through rain or shine, snow or sleet. Both U.S. postal shipping rates and first class mail rates went up in 2014; shipping rates increased by 2.4 percent and first class stamps are now 49 cents apiece, up 3 cents. The new rates went into effect on January 26.
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