CCC Acquires Actual Systems

CCC Information Services Inc. (CCC) has brought the insurance and automotive recycling industries together. CCC ( announced it has acquired Actual Systems of America (Actual Systems), previously owned by Solera Holdings, Inc. ( CCC is the leading automotive claims and repair solutions provider and Actual Systems of America is the developer of the Pinnacle yard management system. CCC made the acquisition announcement in early December 2014.

Now, the CCC’s 350 insurance companies and 21,000 repair facilities will be able to have access to the auto recyclers who currently have the Pinnacle software, now called the CCC Pinnacle Yard Management Solution.

CCC stated in its release that this transaction has advanced the company’s auto parts strategy. CCC and Actual Systems announced plans to begin integrating Pinnacle with the CCC TRUE Parts Network in July 2014.

“CCC is focused on bringing technology solutions to market that benefit all segments of the collision repair industry,” said Jim Dickens, Executive Vice President, CCC Information Services. “This acquisition allows us to move quickly and seamlessly to deliver a single, comprehensive software solution for repairers, insurers and recyclers to proactively manage the recycled parts process. Pinnacle Professional was developed by recyclers, for recyclers and we look forward to welcoming the (Actual Systems) team to CCC as we continue to deliver on that vision.”


Partnership With URG

The United Recyclers Group (URG) also announced that CCC Pinnacle Yard Management Solution is now the only yard management system endorsed by the group.

“CCC is making tremendous progress on delivering a parts eCommerce technology solution,” said Don Porter, CEO, URG in CCC’s release. “The combined CCC ONE Estimating, Pinnacle Professional solution will provide recyclers with the same functionality they have today, plus offer access to an audience of active buyers at the point where purchasing decisions are being made. In working with CCC, we plan to offer insight into how technology can continue to deliver on the needs of our recycler members.”

Porter explained the group’s relationship with CCC began after URG created its master inventory database known as URGNet Control Center, used to help protect its members’ proprietary data.

“Once URGNet was up and running we sought a partnership with CCC with the goal of providing them access to our members’ recycler parts data,” said Porter. “By using URGNet Control Center our recyclers not only have enhanced control over who can access their data but also the data that can be accessed.”

Having CCC as a strategic partner will benefit URG members because it puts their data on more collision repair estimates, according to Porter.

“CCC has the largest market share of the collision repair market. Along with feeding parts data to CCC they have embraced our URG Tiering Program which allows recycler trading partners to tier their data and thus increase the potential for recycled parts to be sourced on collision estimates,” he said.


What Does This Mean For Pinnacle Users?

The Pinnacle community will now be part of more than 1,200 auto recyclers that participate in the CCC TRUE Parts Network. That puts more recycled auto part options in front of insurance companies and repairers.

According to CCC’s website (, existing Pinnacle Pro customers will now be able to automatically show, quote and sell their inventory inside the CCC ONE system (which URG and CCC announced a partnership for back in February 2013).

While the acquisition will expand Actual Systems’ reach, CCC spokesperson Michelle Hellyar said auto recyclers won’t see any major changes to their Pinnacle software right away.

“The Pinnacle system remains the same today, but we do plan to enhance the system over time to meet the growing / changing needs of recyclers including integration with the CCC ONE platform,” she said. “Current Pinnacle users will not see any changes to their existing Pinnacle systems and don’t need to do anything to keep using and benefiting from the product.”

Hellyar also confirmed that CCC and URG are collaborating on potential future enhancements to the system. Hellyar stressed that CCC will stay consistent with the Pinnacle mantra of, “By Recyclers, For Recyclers.”

“We are currently working with URG, the Pinnacle team, which is now part of CCC, and our core team of product specialists to create a product roadmap and priorities for future development,” she added.

Porter added that a committee has been set up for this purpose called the URG / CCC Recycled Parts Visibility Committee. It meets twice a month. URG members on the committee are: Larry Brown from Jerry Brown's Auto Parts Center, Ltd., Tony Zaccaro from Cosmo's Ocean County Auto Wreckers, Inc., Tom Denton from Knox Auto Parts, John Eiss from Eiss Brothers Auto Parts and Kris Ossenkop from Northwest Auto Parts.

“URG has always been an organization ‘By Recyclers for Recyclers.’ The mission of the URG / CCC Recycled Parts Visibility Committee is to establish an ongoing dialog between the CCC Parts Team, URG and individual representatives of the automotive recycling industry for the purpose of enhancing and promoting greater visibility and accuracy of data exchanged between the automated recycled parts inventory management systems and parts procurement systems,” said Porter. “Solutions developed from this collaboration will be used to improve the flow and accuracy of parts data between current and future participants, including but not limited to the auto recycling industry, collision industry, the insurance industry, URG and CCC.”


Other Impacts Of The Acquisition

The collaboration will also provide buyers and sellers of recycled parts with powerful eCommerce capabilities, such as online parts shopping and electronic invoicing, to decrease phone calls and eliminate redundant data entry.

CCC stated it is committed to providing long-term stability and investment in Pinnacle Pro.

For collision repairers, the acquisition means anyone using CCC ONE Repair Workflow will get immediate access to more recycled parts choices from within their existing system. The integrated functionality will allow shops to view available parts, request live quotes and purchase and receive invoices for recycled parts.

CCC also stated that repairers will have the ability to select preferred suppliers from a broad list of national and local recyclers. Access to this recycler community also includes LKQ, which is directly connected to CCC ONE.

For insurance carriers using CCC solutions, they will now see and have access to a secure stream of real-time recycler data via their existing CCC solutions. Insurers will also have access to an integrated solution and data governed by CCC’s data policy.

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