Power-DB Drives Your Busines

Lee Iacocca once said, “The speed of the boss is the speed of the team.” Owners and managers of auto recycling facilities know just how accurate this is. They know it’s on them to lead by example, which includes creating an organized business that can quickly, and accurately, fulfill the needs of customers. Philippe Clermont developed Power-DB with this in mind. His program gives auto recyclers the data they need to run their businesses as efficiently as possible.

Power-DB (www.power-db.com) is a web-based analytic dashboard system for yard management systems. Its purpose is to provide auto recyclers with data that shows them what is currently going on in their business - live, not at the end of the day, but when the action is happening. This data includes sales figures, inventory statuses, vehicle production workflow and buying information. It can all be seen on the same screen, which allows users to track this information and quickly decide what needs to be attended to. It allows auto recyclers to be proactive, instead of reactive.

Clermont created Power-DB in 2012 with partner Jonathan Anctil. Both were former longtime employees of LeCavalier Auto Parts, one of the largest auto recycling facilities in Canada (now owned by LKQ Corporation). Clermont was the IT manager and Anctil was the head programmer. They first released the Power-DB to the public at the 2013 ARA show, held in Phoenix, Ariz.

“We have done our fair share of custom reports, software and automation tools and we knew what information is crucial to have as a recycler, how to get it quickly and efficiently in the database and how people want to access this information without being cumbersome,” explained Clermont. “We also knew that reports and quick and accurate information was the biggest challenge for recyclers. Nobody wants to sit and run exports, merge and filter data to finally have the number, and then have to do this over and over again every day, weak, month, etc.”

Power-DB showcases numbers through dashboards and automates all the cumbersome tasks. Recyclers can create and customize an unlimited number of dashboard layouts, depending on what they want to see or what they want their staff to see. For example, the Salesperson Dashboard allows salespeople to see exactly where they stand toward their monthly sales goals as well as how much they have in commission, live as they invoice throughout the day. Power-DB can also send alerts through email when an action is completed. These sales tools, like the commission calculator, help motivate sales staff.

“The manager has a great overview of the sales staff and can easily and visually see who’s on track and who’s behind toward their sales goals,” said Clermont. “The inventory tools allow auto recyclers to do location changes as well as inventory audits for 100 percent accurate physical inventory. Just scan the barcodes and Power-DB pushes right back any changes in the database.”

Power-DB can be used on any device (PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone). It is currently compatible with Hollander’s Powerlink, but Clermont said they are working on a version for CCC Pinnacle and Checkmate in 2015.

Clermont returned to the ARA show and showcased Power-DB at the 2014 ARA Convention & Trade Show in Nashville, Tenn. Many auto recyclers showed interest in the product during the exposition.

“Sales people really liked all the stuff included in the sales tools (goal tracking, commission calculation, alerts and sales monitoring) and production people really liked the inventory tools and how easy and fast it is to work with them,” Clermont admitted.

Clermont said Power-DB can be set up quickly and remotely by its staff. Demos are available as well. There are plans for all sizes of yards. Clermont can be reached at 450-675-1450 or email philippe@solexd.com.

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