Winter 2016

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Locator UpFront

What's Next?

Twenty years ago if an auto recycler was asked what the future of the industry would look like, the answer might have been very different if he or she was asked today. Who could know in 1996 how much we would rely on the Internet today and also the to connect 24/7 from anywhere?

Secret To Success

The secret to success? There is no magic fix and often the answer isn’t glamorous, but regardless of what you’ve been told, there is no secret to success. It is obvious that hard work, driven progressively in the same direction, will get the job done. Don’t fall for the easy fix because all you will end up with is something that is not worthy of your mission. Set your goals for what you need to achieve and plot out your plan on how to get there with success.

Scrap From Top To Bottom

At the end of 2011 there were 300 shredders in the United States that processed 35,000,000 tons of scrap. Today, just four years later, 100 of those shredders are shut down as scrap prices are at an all-time low. The scrap industry has certainly had its ups and downs and while it’s currently at a down, history shows that anything can happen in the future.

Young Leader

Jonathan Morrow may have grown up in the recycling industry. But he still had to wait for a job opening before officially joining the family business.

Cover To Cover

Twenty years ago the country was plagued by partisan politics, President Clinton was in the White House, email was a new way to communicate and the Locator UpFront printed its very first issue.

Long Haul

Fifty years is a long time to do anything. Fifty years with a look towards the next fifty is a feature few businesses can boast these days, but Chesney Auto Salvage in Duluth, Minn., is doing just that. This year marks Chesney’s 50th year of business since it was first opened by Jerry Chesney in 1965, and with two daughters and a grandson on staff, the future of Chesney Auto Salvage looks bright.


BYOD is an emerging type of workplace that’s perfect for small businesses. No, BYOD isn’t an acronym about what to bring to a party, but about allowing employees to do their jobs from their personal devices. The BYOD office - Bring Your Own Device - lets employees work on a device they choose - their personal smartphone, laptop, tablet, etc., to access corporate email and other company information. In fact, many experts believe it isn’t a matter of if a business decides to go BYOD, but when.

Road Ready

Can a company that’s been in business since the 1920s still survive in today’s industry? Bill Smith Auto Parts, Inc., which has been in business for 86 years, isn’t merely surviving in 2015. It’s thriving.

Take Action

When the time comes to sell your auto recycling facility, it pays to be prepared. Last issue looked at how to understand the market, make a game plan for that market and establishing a price. Now, put the plan into action. Develop the marketing literature and sell your yard.

Greg Freeman - From January / February 1996

How many times -- say, in the last 12 months--have you heard President Clinton, a prominent member of Congress, or some legislative aide use the phrase "We have to work together" somewhere in the vast framework of the national media? It seems to be at least, what, ten, fifteen thousand times? And how many times do you think they actually meant it? One hundred times? Ten times? Never? It stands to reason that if more people worked together, more would get done.
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