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It’s the start of a New Year and time once again to decide where to put your marketing dollars. It may be the digital age, but don’t put all of your advertising eggs into this one basket. Experts agree a multi-channel marketing approach is the best bet to get the most from your marketing dollars. Spreading dollars across multiple platforms - print, TV, website, email radio, social medial, etc. - offers more value than just sticking to one medium. When choosing which platforms to use, don’t discount the value of print advertising. Print holds as much power now to attract buyers as it did in the past.


Print Is Not Dead

Digital content has exploded over the past decade. But it hasn’t completely killed off print. While print’s numbers have dwindled, it is by no means dead. recently released a white paper that listed the 10 reasons why print is not dead. The top reasons being:

  • Print is easier to read and navigate. The paper cited a 2015 report that showed 81 percent of U.S. respondents preferred to read print on paper over a digital screen.
  • Print is tactile. The sensory experience print provides, i.e. the feel and sound of the paper, matters to readers.
  • Print is more credible. Digital popups and banner ads can be overwhelming and produce a fear of spam or viruses.
  • Digital reading can be harmful. Reading on digital screens for long periods can lead to eye strain, back problems and difficulties with sleep.
  • Print stands out in a digital world. There’s a smaller pool of competition and therefore print advertisements stand out.

There are even more reasons to incorporate print advertisements in your marketing campaigns.


Print Sticks With Consumers

An advertising message in print stays with the consumer longer than digital; this is according to a study, conducted by Temple University for the U.S. Postal Service Office of the Inspector General. The study found that a week after the initial viewing, the emotional response and concrete memory of the physical ads allowed participants to more quickly and confidently remember the physical ads than digital ads.

And, although participants stated similar preferences and willingness to pay for an item regardless of whether they saw the ad in a physical or digital format, their brain activity indicated greater subconscious value and desire for products or services advertised in a physical format.


Greater Value

Print provides a better response rate. The Direct Marketing Association stated that the response rate of direct mail outperforms all digital channels, according to the 2015 DMA Response Rate Report. Direct mail has a response rate of 3.7 percent with a house list, compared to .62 percent for digital channels.

The Association of Magazine Media (MPA) confirmed the value of print advertising when it unveiled its Print Magazine Sales Guarantee model for the industry late last year. The Meredith Corporation, one of the MPA’s members, offers a sales guarantee that includes data which shows its magazines deliver and ROI of $7.45 for each media dollar spent, edging out digital by a dime.


The Future Buyers

The next generation of buyers, Millennials and Generation Z, like print. These two groups, born in the last 25 years, enjoy the feel and smell of print and look at it as a non-traditional medium. Pew Research studies show those aged 18 to 29 have the highest print readership rates. And many Millennials find digital experiences unfulfilling.

According to, Generation Z (currently in high school) will make up one-fifth of the workforce in a few years. This group, which has grown up alongside digital, likes brick and mortar stores, prefers to do their coursework in print and prefers to read their books in print.

Print’s value and impact continues to be a good investment of advertising dollars. The Locator offers print display ads and direct mail options to help you incorporate it into your marketing plan for 2017.

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